Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Kill Family Night on the Town (UPDATE)

Well, I received the Kill Clan Family photo with Patty Duke. I won't identify everyone, but you can probably figure out who's who (I'm the mustached mutant on the left).

And my family is having a lot of fun with my sister and this gem. That's my head sticking out of my sisters back. Kind of freaky if you ask me.


Karl said...

Good morning Buzz Kill,

Wow, You're not all yellow with a 5:00 shadow. What's up with that?

Seriously though, You have a fine looking family.

Speaking of freaky, are we gonna see your take on Hugh Grant.

Boxer said...

What a good looking group! And I can see you in your blue suit. :-) AND, finally I see Patty Duke is really THE Patty Duke.

Dani said...

You're a handsome one!

Buzz Kill said...

I was a little yellow the next morning. And I bailed on MCW this week because of the blogger outage and other stuff going on. I'' play next week and come around to visit you tonight (because I can't view clip in the office).

A professional photographer makes all the difference.

You must be talking about my brother-in-law. Bwahahaha

Karl said...

Please make a point of getting by to see Joanna. I think she's feeling a little dejected regarding the lack of turnout and whether we keep going with MCW or not. She deserves a pat on the back for her efforts so far.

Although I must say, I find it hard to understand why she's not completely satisfied. When you have the two of us, what more do you need?

Big Shamu said...

Dani's right, you are the cutie. What a great time it sounds like you had and your sister sounds like a gem. Sorry about the lobster. That's a shame that a good lobster went to waste by being cooked to mush. I totally get the love of the traditional NY cheesecake. Now I'll be drooling all weekend. Thanks for sharing what a good time you had.

LaDivaCucina said...

LOVE the photos, you are slowly revealing yourself, handsome. I like the photo of sis with Patty, even with your head sticking out her back! haha! Your wife missed a good time (and it's SO NICE to not have to drive, isn't it? A guy could get used to it)

moi said...

Hey, hey, look at Buzz in a suit! Stylin'! What a great-looking family you have. Do they all have your sense of humor, too?

Buzz Kill said...

All - Sorry I'm late responding but I've been a little busy.

Karl - Already taken care of.

Shamu - My sister is pretty special. She's the only one of us that doesn't have a family and so she does a lot of charity work. If they had used traditional NY cheese cake in this dish, it would have been way too heavy. It was a good dessert.

Diva - That was only the 2nd time in my life that I rode in a limo. And to paraphrase Arthur - It didn't suck.

Moi - I have 2 suits, blue and black. I like the blue and wear the black to funerals. My middle brother (guy on my right) has a wicked dry sense of humor. Even I cringe at some of the things he says - hence all of the pre-party warnings from my sister.