Sunday, January 3, 2010



TROLL Y2K said...

Grrherhahahhahaa! I've got to check out that site and maybe contribute to it. Great take!

Happy Mute Monday!

fishy said...

Oh for our latch
To ever catch

Happy Monday.

moi said...

Those last couple of photos look like some things I've had to rig up when the spousal unit was out of town. Not. Pretty. Happy Mute Monday!

Boxer said...

I like these, especially the ingeunity of those needing to make some of their own "catches."

"McGyver Specials" - Happy Mute Monday!

Pam said...

Oh absolutely brilliant! I really like some of the photography of those rusty latches. Not a term we usually use in this part of the world but we know what it means! Great collection of catches.

Kymical Reactions said...

I would love to live one week with your brain. It's so remarkably clever. Happy MM, Buzz!

Buzz Kill said...

There I fixed it is a great site. Some real genius flourishes there.

In my twisted world
Latch and catch mean the same thing
Trapping me with kids
(good thing I don't do Haiku for a living)

Sometimes duct tape and bungee cords can get you through the week.

I love McGyver. He was a modern day Wile E. Coyote.

They're not rusty, they're "distressed". You pay extra for that.

The doctors and satan wouldn't like that.

Karl said...

Good morning Buzz Kill,

What a hoot! That screwdriver repair looks permanent, the paints even worn behind it.

Happy Mute Monday

K9 said...

hey! how did you get a picture of my car? grrrrrrrrherhahahaha happy mute monday. very catchy!

Aunty Belle said...

Catch as Catch can, huh?

Buzz-K klever.

Happy MM!

Buzz Kill said...

You know, if they had put a bend in the screw driver it would have looked like a fancy smancy French door handle and no one would have questioned it.

I lifted it from the way cool CD cover that Shamu made for you. Bwahahaha
I picture you as a bungee cord kind of girl.

Exactly. Do what it takes to get the job done - then deal with the ridicule later.

MinorityReport said...

I like your choices here. :) Happy belated.

Vixen said...

Those just got funnier and more creative as I scrolled down. LOL The top ones are great photography!

I'm late, I know. :)