Sunday, January 17, 2010


And, if you know Buzz, you had to have seen this coming...

Position Players report to Spring Training Camp in 36 days.
Go Phils!!


Pam said...

I have to admit, I don't get the wiring but chasing the penant, I can identify! happy MM!

Buzz Kill said...

A chase is a construction term for a building enclosure that hides piping, wire and duct. Chasing the pennant is Chase Utley from the Phils and they will definitely be in the hunt in 2010.

fishy said...

Some of those chases look like new construction in an older building .... always fun to hide a chase dressed out as a column. I find most people understand what a chase space is .... but when you explain a plenum space, well it can get harder. Happy Monday! Hope your baseballer Chase has a good year of Mondays :-)

TROLL Y2K said...

Very clever, as per usual. I predict you won't be blog-jynxed. Perhaps EVER. Mold...broken...

Happy Mute Monday!

K9 said...

interesting....ive learned here today. lets see if i can use it in a sentance

"honey! hear that? it sounds like somebody scratching from inside the chase"

now i know!

happy MM!

Ree said...

Happy Mute Monday! Too bad Chase didn't get a W.S. ring this year.

Boxer said...

Engineer head. :-) Happy Mute Monday and Go Phils!!!!

Kymical Reactions said...

wow! Learn sumthin new every day! I had no idea about the wiring thing called a chase. Thanks for learnin us up, Buzz!!

Happy MM. (and go Yankees!)

Aunty Belle said...

Ditto Boxer-Babe: I knowed you'd do this one--thas' why when Uncle suggested it I tole him, "No chance. Buzz done already thought of it I bet'cha!" (Uncle thought of it--I shure wouldn'a )

Happy MM!

moi said...

Like K9, I learned something here today. Doesn't mean it's going to do me a darn bit of good. When it comes to home renovation? After S.B. is gleefully done with the demolition, I bribe him into stopping with a cake, and then I pick up the phone and call someone. Happy Mute Monday!

Buzz Kill said...

Right, plenums are more for commercial buildings and HVAC air spaces. My electrical engineer always has kittens when she finds non-plenum rated cable in there. Chase and the Phils will have a good team again this year (after having acquired Roy Halliday) so we'll see.

Blog jinx is my greatest fear. I felt pretty good about this one.

Bwahaha, who are you, Edgar Allen Poe?

Yeah, 2 rings in a row would have been nice. He'll have to settle for 2 rings in 3 years.

I've been called worse. The Mrs is always ragging on me because when we go to a theater or restaurant, I'm always looking at the structure and mechanical systems instead of her and the crab cakes.

Glad to help (you damn Derek Jeeter lovin' ...) Throw that little tidbit of information around at your next party and see what it gets you.

You would have blogger jinxed me and then I would have had to kill my self.

Always check those chases and voids when you're doing demolition, never know what or who you'll find. Cake is always good.

Karl said...

Good evening Buzz Kill,

Great take! The wires in the 9th shot, could act as a swing for the critters K9 hears in the wall. In my world, secure every 18" min.

Happy Mute Monday!