Thursday, July 15, 2010

Visual Haiku - Gulf Oil Spill

Terrorist for oil.
British law soft on crime as
BP wheels and deals.

A little off topic but I sort of did this theme a few weeks ago.


Pam said...

When we were in Britain a few weeks ago, I was reminded on occasion that BP is controlled by mostly American investors. Probably true but I haven't looked into it further. Am definitely of the opinion that corners were cut with the drilling.

Heff said...

Corners WERE cut with maintenance and upkeep, anyway.

moi said...

Corners are always cut when the bottom line is not producing a good product at a profitable price, but answering instead to a myriad of special interests outside the end user. Like shareholders and the U.S. gooberment. But in this case, unlike, say, making a television, this has the potential to negatively impact an entire planet for decades, maybe even centuries.

fishy said...

More greed, is anyone still surprised?

Karl said...

Good afternoon Buzz Kill,

Not off topic. The willingness to cut corners and take the low ground in the name of profit, is what caused this problem in the first place.

Boxer said...

not off topic at all. Nice job, especially the photo.

moi said...

In response to your comment on Boxer's blog this a.m., I'm sending you a virtual Ronnie James Dio devils' horn hand gesture. Cheap Trick with the kiddos, huh? You are either totally on something or totally cool. Either way, have FUN!

Buzz Kill said...

Well, that Tony Hayward guy has a British accent. I'm appalled at the political impact big oil can have ofn the world. That a company can influence the release of a convicted terrorist despicable. They have no shame whatsoever.

Lest anyone think that BP is the only ones that do this, I'm waiting for the next big oil well to blow.

These guys play god without a 2nd thought. They forget their kids live on this planet too.

This whole terrorist for oil thing was actually surprising to me because I never thought about it. Who knows where the line that won't be crossed is, assuming it exists.

Off topic in that the theme was the gulf oil spill and the terrorist for oil thing hasn't been connected to that - yet.

Moi (again)
"Mommy's alright, Daddy's alright, they just seem a little weird
Surrender, surrender, but don't give yourself away."

This was suppose to be a family thing with the Mrs going too. She told the kids and they were all stoked for it. Then she tells me she's going out to dinner with her family that night and we're on our own. So I was set up. I do know a guy who use to be a roadie for Cheap Trick and he says he can get us backstage. If his word is good, I'll write about it.

moi said...

I posted a video in your honor. Man, I forget how much I dig Cheap Trick.

Boxer said...

more honors, I hereby declare you;

1. An awesome Dad

2. The winner of the Haiku contest this week!

Aunty Belle said...

heck yeah it is on topic....who knows what all is in the mix--the Brits ain't feelin' nicey nicey to the Obamanation much any more--

Buzz Kill said...

Thanks - I posted an after action report on the concert.

You have to stop making me the Haiku winner. They're not that good and I slap them together in 5 minutes. But I am honored. I do have to agree with the awesome Dad part. See my concert report.

This whole business at the price of the future of the world thing is pretty scary. There's probably a hundred others we don't know about - yet.

fishy said...

Congrats on the win.
You don't think it is great haiku?
Okay, but how about great to raise the awareness of others to who owns the planet. Or those who believe they have the right to risk the planet we all share.

Glad you boys had a great concert night with the boys. All children should be so blessed as to experience their first concert under good influences!