Sunday, July 26, 2009


For the Troll Poll - My answer is #1 but I don't think it was a trick.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Flora Montgomery

Fauna Hodel

Flora Martinez

Fauna Chambers

Deborah Flora

Fawna MacLaren

Flora Fauna

Monday, July 13, 2009

Dim Sum Sunday (Monday) - Grilled Fruit

I finally got a Dim Sum Sunday together - a day late. The Pudge and I were too busy on Sunday because we went to the Phillies game to watch them humiliate the Pirates (5-2 Phils, they won all 3 games in the series). Before we left I did have enough time to make Barbecued Pineapple.

I used fresh pineapple and followed the recipe exactly with the exception of substituting real ginger for powdered. Then I let it marinate overnight in a zip lock.

The marinade was a little strong to the taste, but I didn't think it would carry over as strong into the pineapple. I put them on the grill with some mesquite wood chips and grilled them for about 6 minutes per side.

I also threw on some chicken breasts that were marinating in a store-bought South Western Spice Marinade that the Mrs made while we were at the game. Here's what it looked like off the grill. The plate was a Valentines gift for the Mrs that was hand-painted by the Pudge (one of those kid's ceramics stores). This was the first time I used it.

And here it is as the complete dinner with the chicken, corn, asparagus (steamed - I should have grilled it but ran out of time) and baked potato.
Overall, this wasn't a big hit. The Mrs and the Pudge didn't like it at all. She said the rum taste was way too strong. The boy and I liked it because of the bold flavors. Anything less than a 100% approval doesn't get made again. I liked the idea of grilling pineapple though and will try a different recipe some other time.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


How did this one get in here?