Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dim Sum Sunday - Chilies

After having sat on the sidelines for a while, I'm finally able to make a dish for this weeks Dim Sum Sunday, sponsored by Big Shamu over at the Karmic Kitchen. The theme for this week is chilies. Once again this is an ingredient that I love but is rarely used due to the culinarily less-adventuress people who live in m house. However, this weekend I saw an opportunity - and took it.

The Mrs and I belong to a local swim club sponsored bowling league that meets once a month. This is a social league for drinking, eating, talking and, oh yeah, we sort of bowl while we're eating, drinking and talking. This is our 4th or 5th season in the league and we are paired with some good friends of ours from the neighborhood. Every couple brings whatever they're drinking (mostly beer and wine) plus some sort of food. Most people bring take-out or store bought food, but there are a handful that will actually cook. Everyone in the league puts their food out and it becomes a smorgasbord,

So this was my opportunity. I found Kickin Stuffed Peppers over at and decided that would be a good one to try. It seemed a little plain as is, so I added some crushed garlic and some fresh thyme that I have growing out back.

Cutting and cleaning the peppers (which were jalapenos that I bought down at the local Produce Junction) was the toughest part. I had a plastic bag on my left hand for a while, but that proved too cumbersome. So I just used my bare hand and was really careful to not touch my face and eyes. I should of had the kitchen window open because I did inhale some of the vapors and could feel it a little in my chest.

Anyway, I got the stuffing made, filled the pepper halves and got them in the oven. The last pictures were rushed because our partners (who were driving) came early to pick us up and I only had enough time to yank them out of the oven, snap a shot and put them in an insulated carrier.

Also of note here is that the Mrs made a Mexican Salad because she wanted something to eat. It was actually quite good. I didn't get any pictures of it though.

When we got to the bowling alley, we were in lanes on the far side of our group. It so happened that another guy on the opposite side (we had about 40 lanes) made a stuffed jalapeno but his was with a cheese filling. The sausage and cream cheese was a surprisingly good combination for as simple as it was with just a hint of thyme. Both his and mine were the sensational appetizers of the night. I didn't take any leftovers home.

And our team won 2 out of 3 games. Probably because I didn't bowl (because of the procedure I had this week - still a little bruised) and used my average from last season.

MUTE MONDAY - THE EIGHTIES (Natural and Man-Made Disasters)

Viewer's Note: File names will identify each picture and they are in chronological order.

I was actually in this disaster.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some "Revealing" Information About Buzz

Aunty Belle posted a blog entitled - "What we'uns think but doan really know!". This really touched home for reasons I'll explain in a minute. But I had so much to say that I decided to not load up her comment section.

This was an unbelievably timely blog and I'll tell you why. I was contemplating this very question 2 days ago and 1 day before I was to go into the hospital for a heart cathertization. Heart disease runs in my family and I had failed a stress test a few weeks ago. I was figuring on going in and needing a bypass. My brother is having his mitrol valve repaired as I write.

Anyway, I was finishing up my MM for this Monday and put it in schedule mode for Sunday afternoon as I often do. I then got to thinking about my hospital trip and, not knowing much about the procedure and fearing I wouldn't come out of the hospital, thought that this blog would just stop and people would eventually forget about old Buzz and never know who I really was.

So I got the idea to do a write up on me, complete with picture, and scheduled it for next month. Fortunately for me you will not see that blog. Everything worked out great - I'm just a little bruised in the groinal area.

Anyway (again) I reread the blog that would reveal all and realized (other than the picture and my physical attributes) you all pretty much know me through my writing. So I will shelve that blog until my next near death experience. I'm still not brave enough to post an actual picture. Who knows, maybe one day I will. For now I will tell you I am a white male, very tall, slightly overweight with graying black hair and brown eyes.

And Aunty, I always picture you as a mature, white-haired southern belle wearing a checkered print dress and apron who has a lot of good, hometown stories and passionate political views. Right or wrong that's who you are to me.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009