Sunday, September 13, 2009



h said...

Barbarino. Horshack. Epstein. Washington. Why do I remember those names yet constantly forget important stuff?

Great variety. Happy Mute Monday!

Vinny. Arnold. Juan. Freddie "boom boom".

fishy said...

Skul 2B fun?

Buzz Kill said...

Up your nose with a rubber hose! That shit stays with you for life. I read that there's suppose to be a Kotter movie in the works *shutter*

Skool R B Gr8. Especiallly when the monsters go back.

Pam said...

I knew "hot for teacher" would make it somewhere, and my guess was you! ha. Loved Kotter, and also Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Now that was classic!

Jenny said...

Animal House is on my list of all time great college movies and Sean Penn in FAST TIMES is another great classic. Happy MM!

Karl said...

Good morning Buzz Kill,

It would be interesting to see how Albert Einstein would react to modern computers and DVD'. He'd likely be a pretty neat teacher.

Happy Mute Monday

Kymical Reactions said...

My favorite ones are Bart. Classic stuff.

Happy MM.

Aunty Belle said...


What a riot--ya got skool down perfectly!

Love that second photo--has ya read James Clavell's "Children's Story" ? heh--better read it-very short book--one hour tops.

Happy MM!

sparringK9 said...

animal house is one of my ALL TIME favorites. when blutarski busts up that folk singers guitar he realized my secret dream. the cottage cheeze zit wasnt bad either. excellent MM!!!

moi said...

Bart is a lil' anarchist after my own heart. I also always thought it so interesting that Van Halen got away Scot free with "Hot For Teacher." The song, the video, David Lee – all TOTALLY inappropriate :o)

ree said...

Hot for Teacher is a classic!

Happy Mute Monday!

Vixen said...

GREAT images!!! Loved what you did :)


Buzz Kill said...


Thanks for the great comments. I'm so glad my 2 monsters are back in school although the schedule is getting out of control (2 soccer leagues, boy scouts, CCD, parent meetings, to name a few) The Staples commercial is actually my favorite thing in here. The classroom scenes in Fast Times are classic and anything from Animal House with Bluto or the Stork always cracks me up.


I read part of the "Children's Story" (free on line) bu didn't finish it. What I read was interesting in a Rod Serling kind of way. I'll have to buy it.


Diamond Dave inappropriate? But your right, the video probably couldn't be made today. Thank God for the '80s.

Heff said...

Nice touch with the VH video.