Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dim Sum Sunday - Shrimp Scampi

I really hadn't planned on participating in this weeks Dim Sum Sunday Challenge - Shellfish and Crustaceans. I had to take the Pudge to soccer at 4:30PM on Sunday and I didn't think there would be time. But the Boy and the Mrs. had other ideas. But 1st a quick back-story.

During last weeks roast chicken dinner, I didn't tell anyone what I was doing until I started taking pictures of the dish on the dining room table. I then explained about the challenge and blogging with people about Top Chef and setting up my own blog for this challenge. I think they were really shocked that I had my own blog and I know the Mrs. was thinking, "What kind of porn site is he in to and who are these women?" "Food porn", says I and I gave them a little more explanation of the challenge. Well, after they were finished feeding, they thought it was a great idea.

Fast forward to this week. I'm heading out the door to soccer and the Mrs. gives me a recipe from for a shrimp scampi dish (I let slip what the challenge this week was). "You and the Boy are going to make this and we need some shrimp and parsley", says she. So I get the stuff during soccer (the Green Goblins lost 2 -1 to a team they controlled for 3/4 of the game - tough loss) and the Pudge and I go home.

I figured the Boy would have everything at least started and ingredients setting out. Well, there was a pot of water boiling an that was it. It's after 6:00PM by this time so I go into scramble mode and start cooking. The Boy does what he can but he has a casted arm (broken thumb) so he can't do much. He did the salad and garlic bread (with hot dog buns because Italian bread was left off the list) and I did the pasta and scampi.

This was a very basic scampi with white wine, garlic and butter. I added extra shrimp because I love shrimp. Slapped the whole thing together in about 1/2 an hour. The Boy positioned the plates and bowl (with the parsley garnish) for the photo shoot.

And there you have it. A quick and dirty shrimp scampi that the family seemed to enjoy although it wasn't very memorable. The sauce was a little thin so I wish I had time to thicken it with a rue maybe and I should have added some lemon (not in the recipe). If we make this again I'll probably try to find a better recipe. As an aside, I had leftovers for lunch 2 days later and it tasted much better - go figure.


Susan said...

I love shrimp and a little lemon sounds good to me. Yum !

Big Shamu said...

Wonderful story of getting the whole family involved. Not to mention starting a blog!! Good job this week even if the recipe wasn't a whiz bang hit. That's the great thing about cooking, practice makes perfect.


The Java Junkie said...

Love the story, Buzz - and little Buzz seems to be enjoying this as much as you are! Looks yummy! Happy DSS!

The Java Junkie said...

P.S. Give this recipe a try!

Buzz Kill said...


I will have to try lemon or the recipe that JJ provided (also has lemon me thinks). That looks good.


I get a lot of opportunities to practice - too many in my opinion but that's between me and the Mrs. The Goblins won yesterday 3-2. The Pudge was the minister of defense on the back line.


The Boy (little Buzz) has his moments in the kitchen when it doesn't interfere with XBox. I'm hoping he will outgrow it (the XBox that is) one day.

Don't know if I'll have time for the pasta challenge next week although the scampi technically qualifies. I was thinking of a lassagna but we'll see how the schedule goes.

Big Shamu said...

Good job on the soccer game. I'm sure Buzz Jr. would LOVE to help with lasagna. Any kid can play Xbox but girls love a Man who can cook.