Sunday, June 7, 2009

MUTE MONDAY - CUSTOM(er Service?) or Why I Hate to Go on the Road!

Note: I'm on the road this week so I will be late with replies and visits.


h said...

Dude, you live in Jersey. Is service really WORSE when traveling? Grrrherhahahhahahahahaha.

Great evocative pics.

Happy Mute Monday!

Bear said...

I love what you did with this theme.

Now I'm not one to complain, but, I had to wait a while for the images to load... tehe.

Happy MM.

Pam said...

I love what you did with this theme too! So true that custom(er service) is taking a back seat in this world. Great idea and theme.

fishy said...

Thank you for commenting. All comments are important to us. We respond to comments in the order in which they are received. All of our response representatives are busy with other commenters at this time. Your estimated response time is 3 days. Please enjoy the Muzak while you wait.

Aunty Belle said...

Chuckle funny on account of we ALL have this experience.

this is a great take on the theme,

Happy MM!

TSintheC said...

Good take - from a fellow traveler.

Happy Mute Monday.

Kymical Reactions said...

Buzz, You are always so clever with these MM topics. It is always so fun to come here and see what you've come up with! Happy MM

Buzz Kill said...


You ever been to Philadelphia International? I was 2 hours late getting out today and almost missed my connection.


I put them in as large pics so you could see them.


Thanks - see Troll answer.


You forgot to do that in an Indian accent.


Thanks. Unfortunately, with this economy, it can only get worse.


I hope you didn't have my luck today.


I'm here for your pleasure.

Vixen said...

Ah hahaha!!! I *LOVE* what you did with this!!! That's awesome...and sucky all at the same time. But great theme!