Sunday, January 31, 2010


EDIT: Special Good-Night Wish for Kym


Pam said...

I'm scared now. I hate clowns. Creepy. All of them! Happy MM!

h said...

Even when they're not trying to be, clowns are spooky. Chilling stuff here.

Happy Mute Monday!

fishy said...

So you posted that particular assortment of clowns for the OMG factor? How very red of you.
Have a red-free Monday.

Jenny said...

bwahahahaha I love the Joker McDonald's poster. I think that sums up McDonald's in sooooo many ways.

Creepy Red Clowns. You had me at the first one.

Happy MM!

moi said...

Oh no you di'ent! I hate clowns almost as much as I hate mimes. Neither can dress worth a damn.

Kymical Reactions said...

creepy clowns. Buzz, I hope you sleep good tonight, knowing you scared the buhgeezus out of us all. ;)

Happy scaryass MM.

Buzz Kill said...

They're not all creepy. The Mrs's cousin use to be a Barnum and Baily clown and there was no creep factor there that I could detect. The kids all loved him because he could make balloon animals. And he blew them all up by mouth, which I find impossible to do.

Clowns aren't spooky - it's the people under the makeup.

I actually got the theme idea from the Wal-Mart clown commercial. The boys and I saw it for the 1st time last week and I never laughed so hard. I figured I creep everyone out first and leave them with a good laugh. Were you not laughing?

I thought Ronald McJoker was genius when I saw it. Glad you weren't scared like all of these other weenies.

I knew this would get your fashion sense in a bother. I always thought clowns dressed a lot like golfers. Or is it the other way around?

You're lucky I exercised some restraint because these pics could have been much worse. I'm prety sure none of these clowns are under your bed - pretty sure. Oh wait - I added one especially for you. Bwahahaha

Aunty Belle said...

Heh...I'se tryin' ter recall iffin' I'se ever even seen a un-redheaded clown?

Onliest un-scary clown I remember is...Clem Cadiddlehopper (sp?)

Bwwwhahahaha! on Golfer/ clown fashion.

Happy MM!

Kay Nine said...

hate clowns. and mimes. and anybody who wears striped stockings. just say NO to clowns. except in this post. HMM!

Joanna Cake said...

With so many people hating clowns (like me), how on earth did the whole profession survive?

Great take! Happy MM x

Karl said...

Good afternoon Buzz Kill,

Wahahahahaha! That Wal-Mart commercial was a hoot!

Happy Mute Monday!

Unknown said...

Honestly never could see why people were so freaked out by clowns, but these are creepy... enought to make me see red! LOL happy MM!

MinorityReport said...

So, so, SOOOO creepy.
Happy MM. :)

boneman said...

I dunno...they weren't this 'mean' looking when I was a kid, and yet, I've heard from several people my age that they are afraid of clowns. I'm thinking next generation down the road from here may have some of the beggars made illegal.
But the Walmart clown....HA!
(Maybe they should have gone someplace MORE expensive to avoid buying a pointy toy, eh?)
happy MM, and uh...if you come visit...could you check your make-up at the door?

Buzz Kill said...

I don't know if old Clem would be considered a true clown. I don't think Red Skelton wore makeup when he did that routine. Golfer pants, clown pants - I don't see the difference.

Especially the striped stockings. And serial killers. I'm surpised no one said anything about old John Wayne Gace.

Because their funny. They didn't start to get scary until the 70s and 80s horror movie genre got a hold of them.

When I saw that commercial I litterally had tears flowing. The boys did too. I've seen this maybe a dozen times with the same affect. I don't know what it is about this commercial that makes me laugh like that. The only other thing I can remember in recent memory was the airplane toilet scene from the Get Smart Movie. Highly recommend it if you haven't seen it. And Karl, I'm guessing you haven't.

I'm glad you weren't scared - like your mom.

I thought these were pretty tame.

See my comments to Karl and Joanna. I have good childhood memories of clowns. And I have a couple as customers (government employees).

Anonymous said...

OMG- the Wal-Mart commercial was hillarious! Laugh out loud funny!