Thursday, May 27, 2010

Visual Haiku - Dream Place

Cottontailed cocktails
Served to the lucky few in a
most Hefty palace


Pam said...

Absolutely brilliant! How does this guy still keep going? Hef. Hefty. Hefty bosoms. Brilliant.

Jenny said...

bwahaahahahahahah. Well done.

Anonymous said...
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Heff said...

Speakin' my language, brother !

moi said...

You guys and your bunnies. I guess it doesn't matter if the boobies are fake? Good haiku, though!

Buzz Kill said...

The fact that Heff keeps going is why he's my hero. Thanks for hostessing the haiku.

This is my dream - I'm serious. There's nothing funny here unless you think about what Heff did immediately after this picture was taken.

I almost put in a special dedication for you on this haiku.

What? Fake? Well that just ruined everything.

Anonymous said...

Some things will always work.

fishy said...

Why do I associate "Hefty" with garbage?
Clever haiku,
Voluminous visuals.

Dani said...

Hehehe. He's like the energizer bunny.

Karl said...

Good morning Buzz Kill,

Good job! You do realize what all those girls are doing around him, they're holding him up.