Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday - "Movie that when I see it while channel surfing I stop and watch no matter what part of the movie is showing"

With Boxer still tying up loose ends (her stripper chair project), Milk River Madman is graciously continuing to host the Movie Clip Wednesday Meme where everyone picks a clip from their favorite movies based on a weekly theme. A few weeks ago I said I didn't think the theme title could get any longer or wordier, I stand corrected. This week's theme is MOVIE THAT WHEN I SEE IT WHILE CHANNEL SURFING I STOP AND WATCH NO MATTER WHAT PART OF THE MOVIE IS SHOWING. What? How much Crown was the Madman drinking when he came up with that? OK, it's actually a no-brainer for me and I'll get to that in a minute. But here was my problem this week. I totally missed this weeks theme buried in the Madman 's last weeks entry. I sat patiently waiting for the Madman to post a theme. Then I saw Pam's entry for this week (last night), went back and read all of Madman 's post from last week, and there it was - crap.

Anyway, the movie I've seen a hundred times (and I don't think that's an exageration) on TNT, BRAVO and a host of other commercial-laden channels and the movie I will always stop and watch - 1989's Road House featuring the legendary Patrick Swayze as the badass cooler - "His name is...Dalton". It also features a very hot (and naked) Kelly Lynch, the man's man Sam Elliot (I could listen to him talk about beef all day) and the incomparable Ben Gazzara as the sociopathic Brad Wesley. This is the best "B" movie ever made - EVER MADE. There's not a bad scene anywhere.

I submit for your viewing pleasure one of the best bar room fight scenes ever filmed.

Other great movies that when I see it while channel surfing ...blah blah blah ...are going on over at the Madman 's. Go on over and see what everyone else's guilty pleasures are because - opinions vary.


Princess said...

Don't panic Buzz at least you understood the theme...I got a little confused so just posted some musical interludes....Hope i'l get back on track for next week
I'd probably stop and watch this movie too...the fight scene is one of the best i've seen in a longtime.... Happy Mcw

Heff said...

If I recall correctly, this movie ALSO features Swayze's NAKED ASS, which causes me to find something else to watch EVERY TIME !

pam said...

ROAD HOUSE! Total classic stuff! We are with you on this one. Plus a really hot Sam Elliott. Absolutely the worst plot, but just the best in the way of movies. Be nice until it is time to not be nice. Happy MCW! By the way, look on MRM's sidebar for MCW themes.

Milk River Madman said...

I think I'll stop at the Double Deuce and see what's on for happy hour tonight. How do you rate a bouncer anyway?

fishy said...

There is a reason I spectate only on MCW.
I have never watched this entire movie, or for that matter, all of Ferris Buehler or Remember the Titans. I will stop to watch Dejavu often because the sets, photography and plot all work for me.

Joanna Cake said...

Yeeha!!! You cannot beat Patrick Swayze's naked ass :)

chickory said...

well, hell. this is a full tilt 10 on the cheese-o-meter. that gazzara guy is a typecast -i think he was the same jerk in the big lebowski - a very cool movie.

my pick would be first blood -an 8 on the cheese -o-meter. i also always watch Jaws too.

i DID NOT forget about the chicks. ive been gone, and will post the pictures so you can pick one by friday.

happy MCW

Buzz Kill said...

Road House is a "B" movie gem. Lots of action, cheesey dialogue, stupid plot and hot chicks. It's worth the watch.

Sorry that I put that image in your head. Think Kelly Lynch and Julie Michaels.

Yeah, this movie is awesome. I completely missed all of the theme hints on the Madman's site. I'm right now.


You rate a bouncer by how nice he is - until it's time not to be nice. The whole confusion on the theme was my bad this week. I'll get ti right for next week.

To each his own. That's why I like this Meme, because of the diverse movie intersts. I don't think any less of you because you've never seen the greatest movie ever. No wait, I do think less of you. Bwahahaha

Jimmy couldn't beat Swayzie's ass either.

Jimmy: I used to fuck guys like you in prison.

I watch Jaws probably as much as I watch Road House. I just can't look away. I would love to have one of your chickens, but if it becomes too much of a hassle, don't worry about it.

The family and I are hitting the road until Labor Day. I'm bringing my laptop but I'm not sure how much free time I'll have. It is vacation after all. The kid's vacation.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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