Thursday, November 25, 2010

Visual Haiku - Thanksgiving

Potatoes all peeled
Stuffin' made, turkey in the oven
Waiting for family

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Heff said...

"I've ALWAYS loved you...."

fishy said...

Wow Buzz,
I bet you are full.

Happy Thanksgiving.
I'm up.

K9 said...

happy thanksgiving. so. youre second line? yep. it's eight buddy. but you were probably busy making pie or something so not to worry. grrrherhaha

Karl said...

Good morning Buzz Kill,

My what a tasty feast.I hope you got your fill and had a fine Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

K9 ombussed your syllable count. Grrherhahahaha.
Do the folks like Pam's Meme Format Haiku Contest better? Posting at their own blogs?

Pam said...

Ha! Nice to see Mrs. Buzzy finally! Re visual Haiku -- it was good, but I think having one place to post (aka Troll's comments page) is better. Time to visit everywhere has been a factor for me lately!

LaDivaCucina said...

Wow, lots of breast fans! Anyone like dark meat? Ok, ok, hope you got all the pans and kitchen cleaned up.... read about your sweet potato debacle over at Sham's! Hope you and fam had a lovely Thanksgiving,enjoy the rest of the weekend Buzzy!

Buzz Kill said...

Right back at you sir.

I'm never full.

I was a little drunk at this point and...I don't care. I've been disqualified before.

You know it dude.

I was doing this as a one-time-only thing because I liked the picture. I'm with Pam in that it's way easier to just look in the Trol's comment sectioln for the haikus.

uhhh.. yeah, the Mrs finally posed for me. Who am I kidding, she can't cook.

The Mrs actually likes dark meat and we always have a lot of fun with that at the family table.

Aunty Belle said...

well, goodness--I'se late to the turkey extravaganza. See ya had a fullsome day.