Monday, January 3, 2011

The Spawn of a New Year - Navy Bean Soup

So I had this really nice ham bone left over from the "real" New Years Eve Party at Stately Kill Manor. I decided to make some Navy Bean Soup. The only deviations from the recipe were to add a cup of white wine and celery (also left over from the party) and to use the ham bone and some ham chunks instead of bacon. This had really nice flavor and it thickened up pretty good after simmering for about 3 hours.

The beans were nice and tender but not mushy because I also did a quick soak on the Navy Beans by cooking them in boiling water for 2 minutes and letting them rest in the water for an hour. Otherwise you're suppose to soak them in cold water over-night and I didn't have the time.

Here are some bad pictures of the effort.

La Diva had a great suggestion about blending half of the soup to thicken it up. That is a brilliant suggestion that I failed to think of. And the Mrs gave me a new Immersion Blender for Christmas that would have been perfect for blending the soup.

In the words of Jack Sparrow - If you were waiting for the opportune moment, that was it. Damn.


chickory said...

you know the reason you soak beans overnight is to get rid of whatever it is about them that makes gas in your stomach. im thinking about those stinky boys. dont throw another log on that fire! I blend soup elements to thicken the base sometimes, but if you have time cooking down is better. looks good on a wintery night, chef.

Pam said...

Looks excellent to me also. I just to hate bean soup, but now I love it. Does that make me old? Oh wait, don't answer that. I will post my theory about the green lights tomorrow evening sometime.

Karl said...

Good morning Buzz Kill,

This was one of my mother's signature dishes. She started soaking beans the morning of New Year's Eve And everything started to simmer new year's morning. She would cook it all day. We have made it using well rinsed canned beans, but it doesn't quite taste the same.

moi said...

Immersion blenders rock. What kind did you get? I use mine all the time, especially when making my go-to soup, black bean. But I cheat and use canned beans. I blend one to mush, leave the other one whole. Texture is perfect.

Milk River Madman said...

I have a chunk of ham in the fridge and was thinking about making navy bean soup as well. BG made some two weeks ago and it was awesome. I actually made potato soup Sunday and will eat the last of it at lunch today.

You recipe looks great and I'll give it ago this week. Plan on making chili as well. Chickory, that's why you soak beans huh? You learn something new every day.

Buzz Kill said...

I didn't know that about soaking beans. I thought it was strictly for hydration. No worries about the boys because they won't eat it. It's all mine. This batch wasn't very gassy either. I gave some to a guy in my office to try, so we'll see what happens around 3:00PM.

It doesn't make you old, your palette is seasoned. Bwahahaha

My mom use to make it for us on Halloween. She'd load us up with beans and send us trick-or-treating. My mom had a mean streak in her. I would prefer to soak the beans overnight, I just didn't plan it out well this time around.

I got a Kitchen-aide with a whisk and chopper attachment. I'm dying to try it out. This blending half the soup is something I've never heard of before but it sure makes sense. And now that I have the blender - piece of cake.

The guy I gave the soup to said his wife made a potato soup over the weekend too. I'm trying to score some. Good luck with your soup.

LaDivaCucina said...

YOu are going to have fun with that immersion blender! Great for chopping up herbs, garlic (i hate chopping up garlic by hand, hate washing the big processor more!) tomatoes for salsa! The soup looks deelish and would be so nice and warming, I can't believe the Pudge and his bro won't touch it? boo!

Did you like my marriage haiku? Husband didn't think it was funny at all! haha!