Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Movie Clip Wednesday - Best Movie Wedding Scene

That Movie Clip Wednesday Film Buff, Boxer wants to take a little break from Movie Clip Wednesday. This MCW Meme has everyone picking a clip from their favorite movies based on a weekly theme while trying to keep the clip or clips to around 3 minutes long. So Joanna Cake has graciously picked up the standard and is running with it. And because she's British and they have that royal weeding thingy going on over there this weekend, her first theme out of the chute is Best Movie Wedding Scene.

Weddings can bring a dramatic element, a comedic element or a mushy boring element to a movie. The mushy boring ones like My Best Friend's Wedding or The Wedding Planner I can do without. A dramatic one and best movie wedding without a doubt (in my opinion) is Connie and Carlo's wedding in the opening of The Godfather. I like the old-timey-ness, the music and all of the subplots going on during the wedding. It's really too long of a scene to present here, so I'll just say it's the best and move along.

That leaves the comedic element and for that one I chose to go with Frank the Tank's wedding in 2003's Old School. Not so much the wedding but the reception. And what made the reception was The Dan Band. They are known for performing originally female-performed pop songs, with added obscenities and swearing. They were also in 2009's The Hangover. When you see this clip, listen carefully to the vocals and also look at he older dancers on the floor.

So there you have it. I wonder how Will and Kate's wedding would go over with this band? Anyway, get out your Kleenex (because there's always crying at weddings - what?) and head over to Joanna Cake's for more zany nuptial madness. And thanks to our new hostess for continuing the MCW tradition.


sparringK9 said...

grrherhahahaha! Love that. Is it a real band that just happened to be in these movies as well? if so, book em! happy MCW

oh and i agree about the Godfather. poor girl marrying the loser cad that is Carlo. I love it when Sonny beats him down in the street.

Joanna Cake said...

Someone else recommended The Hangover to me recently. I've always loved this record. Not sure I remember those lyrics... and there was a bit of The Sound of Music in there too! Oh de ley-i-oh-de-ley-i-ooo

Fabulous :)

Karl said...

Good morning Buzz Kill

Yep, those lyrics would go over big a wedding. It took a couple of times before realized what they were saying. Although I would prefer them to the electric slide.

Happy clip day.

Jenny said...

LOVED the Godfather wedding. I never saw OLD SCHOOL all the way, but this is a good clip and I may try to watch it again. I would have gone with The Graduate.

Buzz Kill said...

The Dan Band is real and has a comedy act that's big on the west coast. They were also in the Starsky & Hutch movie.

Sonny beating Carlo in the street by the fire hydrant with all the kids watching was a great scene. I wonder if James Caan knew he was in a movie?

Personally, I like Old School better. I so wanted to like The Hangover but it just isn't watchable for me. There are some very funny scenes (the taser scene comes to mind) but overall - meh.

It helps if you know the original Bonnie Tyler song. And I would love to hear these guys at a real wedding. I'll bet they're not as expensive as one would think.

I didn't know bowing out of hostess duty meant bailing completely? The Graduate would have been a good choice. I almost went with Four Weddings and a Funeral (the best man taost scene) but thought I'd jinx someone (Pam - I'm looking in your direction).

moi said...

Wuh-oh! I missed this! I thought Ms Cake was waiting until after the Royal Nuptials. Stupid me. I'll be around next week, though.

Aunty Belle said...

YES! THe Godfather weddin' wuz the one--fer jes' the reasons ya say --love that ole timey thang--an the generation realities. Heh.