Friday, January 13, 2012

She Cut Down My Tree!!!!!!!

I think I mentioned here how The Mrs. got this idea in her head to add an addition on to the back of the house. Prior to that, she bought me a new sawzall so I could cut back the deck around the tree that grows through the middle. Well, SHE CUT MY TREE DOWN. She hired some tree guys and SHE CUT MY TREE DOWN. To be fair, she told me she was going to do it, It still doesn't soften the pain because SHE CUT MY TREE DOWN.

I'm sure it was here a minute ago.

She had the tree guys cut down two more because they might be too close to the new addition and we wouldn't want some sticks or leaves to fall on it.  That was the 2nd of my hamock trees to get the axe.  She was nice enough to have them cut just above the hooks, so I probably have another few years to lie in the hamock that I never have time to use.  And there's no shade there anymore either.

I now have a lifetime supply of firewood.  That I have to split after is seasons.

To make way for the construction, I had to take up a lot of the pavers that I cast and installed 14 years ago.  It took that long for the moss to fill in the cracks as you can see here.

I had to take out part of the fence so the backhoe can get in.  I'm pretty sure she told me this was a turnkey project and I wouldn't have to do anything.


chickory said...

i feel your pain. my neighborhood is being overrun by million dollar houses. our neighbors are building a massive hotel net door - so our beloved cherry tree has to be cut down and we will no longer see anything out our kitchen and dining room windows but their house. meaning -no sky. at all. three frigging stories this thing is.

so sorry buzz. and the moss.....sob.

Heff said...

Aw, MAN !!!! The tree coming out of the deck was COOL !!!

Jenny said...

I hate seeing trees cut down. :-( and I'm also sorry to hear that Chickie is losing a tree next to her house. I have a small ailing maple in my back yard that will need to taken out in the spring and while I know it's the right thing to do, it will bother me.

you could probably do an entire blog on the remodel. Mr. Boxer and I did one on our basement about 15 years ago and we had some of the biggest fights in our marriage over it. Who knew we couldn't make simple decisions about tile without going to battle.

feeling for you and the tree. Maybe you can plant one away from the house? You know, where it's safe?

moi said...

@Chickory: Oh, man, that sucks! We call them Taco Bell Mansions out here, homes built without regard for history, taste, and economic sensibility. I'm a libertarian, don't get me wrong, but I think more neighborhoods need to come together to STOP this vulture architecturism!

@Buzz: you don't even KNOW the lengths I go to to stop my husband from embarking on any more home improvement projects. I don't care if we have the money and it will all be fine, fine, fine, I don't care if our guest bathroom seriously needs to be updated in a fun and funky way and I know exactly how and with what. Say the words Home Improvement to me and my head aches and my stomach turns. I'd rather vote democrat.

Milk River Madman said...

The Preacher"Do you take this woman, for better or for worse?" Buzz "I do"

Sharon Rudd said...

Oh, man. No wonder things have been tense at the Kill house . . .

Anonymous said...

Three stories, don't they need a variance or something? Look at the bright side - you may see some entertaining bedroom shows.

It was definitely a conversation piece.

I'm sure you'll read more about this adventure. And there is no way I will venture an opinion on this project except for structural and maintance decisions.

I'm ok with home improvement when needed, but this is pure opulence. I'm kind of embarrassed when people ask me about it. I just see this as putting off retirement for a few more years.

It's not like she has a life-threatening disease that will deplete our savings. I could deal with that. This is elective bankruptcy.

This and I think The Mrs. is bipolar. I never know if I'm dealing with Dr. Jeykle or Mrs. Hyde.


Aunty Belle said...


It's an amputation! No No, it's all wrong.

Mrs BK c'mon down heah to see how ya can jes' build AROUND the tree--no kiddin' we has a 300 year old oak whose arm grows right through the back porch--cause we cain't cut such a beauty down.

I wish't I had a mossy path--sigh....

GrumpyGranny said...

Wow. I'm so sorry about that. We had 4 beautiful 70-ish year old locust trees when we moved into our house on the south side, providing marvelous shade. Three months after we moved in, the power company said they were "too tall" and cut them to the ground. We've replaced them with twice as many smaller trees around the yard, but I still mourn those. I truly feel your pain.


Buzz Kill said...

I'll bet the "deck tree" was at least 75 years old and healthy. You can see by the cut there is not rot. At least the moss will grow back - in 5 years.

Sometimes there's a reason to take down a tree. Interference with powerlines - yes. Addition you don't really need - no.