Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Whitney Houston - New Jersey's Favorite Daughter?

It turns out, Whitney Houston was born and raised in Newark, NJ.  I honestly didn't know that until I saw on the news (ad nauseam) that her body was being flown here for burial.  Apparently, she still has family living here.  But I never heard of her returning to New Jersey to give anything back to the state or community and no one I know would ever associate her with New Jersey.  So I was surprised when Governor Chris Christie ordered all flags to be flown at half-staff on Saturday in her honor.  I was always under the impression that was an honor reserved for government officials, military personnel and peace officers.  You know, people that actually worked to better or defend the state.  New Jersey natives like Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi do charitable work, bring business to the state, live in the state and are actually associated with the state.  When their time comes, I can see them getting this honor.

Roy Scheider died a few years ago and was a native of Orange, NJ (a stone's throw away from Newark) and was arguably more famous then Whitney Houston, but didn't receive this honor.  He starred in some of the most famous movies of all time (Jaws, The French Connection, etc.) and to my knowledge, didn't do crack.  Very few people knew he was from the state and was never associated with it.

So, does anyone think Whitney Houston deserves this honor?


Buzz Kill said...

I vote No. Although a very good singer back in her prime, she did nothing to make me, a resident of the state, proud to call her a fellow native.

Jenny said...

I vote no also. When I read she was from New Jersey I thought "huh?" No disrespect to her, just agree that a private citizen is a private citizen. What about everyone else who died last week? (and who lived in NJ.) What do they get? I also read they were ready to do some big public memorial and the family said no.

Heff said...
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Heff said...


But with ALL the New Jersey "buzz" going on these days, I think we'll soon be hearing through the media "powers-that-be" that New Jersey was the actual birth place of Christ.

Pam said...

She has now achieved Rock Sainthood by dying young via illicit means, even if by her own actions. And that means she is now greater in death than she ever was in life. Look for the memorial concerts and tribute acts to follow. P.S., I vote no, but those halfstaff flags get flown for lots of normal people too. Our Capitol building will fly flags at half staff for someone local and then give the flag to the families.

Buzz Kill said...

She was just one of the many people who got out of NJ and never looked back. I'm good with that (I think about it all the time whne I pay my property tax) but you don't see California saluting her, do you?

No, you're thinking of Jesus H. Christ - he lives in Passaic.

Buzz Kill said...

Exactly, someone with ties to the state or community deserve the tribute. Not someone who is just getting burried here. I'm pretty sure Jimmy Hoffa is burried in the endzone at the Meadowlands, but he doesn't get a salute - and he's literally part of NJ.

Aunty Belle said...


Hilarious response to Heff. Hahahahaq!

moi said...

No. She was an idiot addict who wasted every gift that was given her, every talent she cultivated. I'm sick to death of the news coverage of her death and wish it would stop. I do appreciate, however, the addition of the most-awesome "whack on crack" to our lexicon.

Roy Scheider, on the other hand: HIM I miss.

Karl said...

Good evening Buzz Kill,

An act of political domesticity, trying to cozy up to the net losers. He needs their votes too.

She did not deserve the honor.

chickory said...

Roy Schieder in Marathon Man - the best! bad. assery.

Whitney. She and Bobbeh lived here in Atlanta for years and it was their rock bottom. good town for that. anyway, the local sport was taking cell phone photos of her in a minit mart at 4 am all cracked out. it was hideous.

I actually like picking on celebrity people -well and sane celebrity people. once somebody is an actual drug addict it is exploitative and grotesque to have interviews with them. No I dont think an entertainer, even a formerly stellar entertainer, deserves the kind of honor afforded to just the types of people you wrote about.

On facebook I posted a photo of the chief of the Kayapo people of Brazil crying after learning the new president gave the go ahead for a new hydro electric plant on the amazon that will flood 400,000 acres and displace his people and destroy wildlife and habitat...but nobody noticed because the day before Whitney Houston died.

In america - the news goes from one superficial tragedy or scandal to the next never reporting on anything of substance or import while the whole beautiful experiment goes down the drain.

Whitney Houston's Ghost said...

I didn't understand the question.

Buzz Kill said...

I wasn't being funny. There's a whole load of Jesus' in North Jersey.

Right? She was considered a joke and nobody cared about her - until she died.

Yeah, it sure seems like a political vote-getting move.

Very under-rated actor. Jaws is my favorite.

"...the local sport was taking cell phone photos of her in a minit mart at 4 am all cracked out. it was hideous". Bwahahaha, I've seen some of those pictures. Those are the images I'll have in my head while I'm saluting hte flag on Saturday.

Look at Aunty's post on Irene Sendler. If she was photographed picking up male prostitutes with a bottle of Cristal in her hand and her dress hiked up over her hips - we'd know about her.

Whitney Houston's Ghost - No, I think you didn't understand the answer.

Jenny said...

All That Jazz - Yeowwwwww!! Roy!

moi said...

@Boxer: What a great opening sequence. Prowling Roy with that ever present cigarette dangling from his mouth. "Victoria Porter, is this your home phone?" Bwhahahahaha!

LaDivaCucina said...

Hi Buzz, first of all I'd like to say I sure do miss Roy Scheider...he was excellent in All that Jazz and of course, Jaws, which is when I fell in love with him.

As for Whitney, I think that is a disgrace to our soldiers. The day she died, I posted something on Facebook about how it was not a tragedy in how she died but in how she lived. I got a back lash from a woman that "works with addicts" so I "should not judge." um yeah. I have addicts in my family and circle of friends and they lie, cheat and even steal from their own grandma as well as breaking the hearts of those that love them. I have no pity for her and she should not be honored. She was a great talent but she let it go and no one better blame Bobby Brown, he was cleaner than her in years past and everyone is responsible for themselves.

Buzz Kill said...

I like the Jaws Roy Scheider the best.

How Whitney lived her life is her business as far as I'm concerned. She surrounded herself with enablers - and paid the price.

But she is not a favorite daughter of the state of New Jersey and did not earn nor diserve any honor. I'm just glad I don't have to hear "I will always love you" anymore.