Monday, April 6, 2009

MUTE MONDAY - MYTH (I don't think so)


moi said...

Ha! These are great. But that skeleton second to last? That looks like a devil grasshopper. Happy Mute Monday!

h said...

Didn't know the Jersey Devil had wings. Scary. Is he the same as the Pine Barrens Monster?

Happy Mute Monday!

Kymical Reactions said...

These are pretty scary! I think I need that tee shirt though! Happy MM!

Buzz Kill said...


I think the skeleton was a hoax, as is most of this myth.

Chef Troll

I never heard of the Pine Barrens Monster, but the pine barrens is where the Jersey Devil presumeably lives.


I think the T-shirt is one of those very limited special events shirts. No idea where you'd get one.

Bear said...

I love these, well done.

Happy MM.