Monday, April 20, 2009



moi said...

Wendy O – the most outrageous woman in rock and roll. Awesome. Happy Mute Monday!

Jenny said...

Wendy O was the real thing. C.Love? Not so much.

Great choices, even if most of them make my skin crawel.

Happy MM!

h said...

Really excellent choices. Agree with Boxer on Wendy O versus copy-cat Cobain widow. The chain-saw thing was outrageous and original!

Happy Mute Monday!

P.S. I didn't know what defined "spring vegetables" either. Made a nice gazpacho but decided not to post in case it doesn't count.

h said...


I missed Lemmy on first viewing. Lemmy rocks!

Aunty Belle said...

Ya know what, this was outrageous! A bit creepy in fact.

Happy MM, Buzz!

Pam said...

OMG! Great take on this theme. Love these pics. Wendy O ... I hope she isn't stabbing herself in the gut these days ... lol

Buzz Kill said...


I never got to see the Plasmatics when I was young and it is one of my great regrets.


Courney is more pathetic than outrageous, but I always liked the name of her band - Hole.


Do you mean Lemmmy from Motorhead, he's not in there? Not sure who you're talking about. Yeah, spring vegetables has to equal some other country's fall vegetables. A bit confusing but I went with what I had in the fridge.

Aunte Belle

How can one person mess themselves up to that extreme - I'm looking in your direction Michael Jackson. OJ too on his outrageous search for the real killers. lol


Ummmm... Wendy O Williams is dead. She blew her brains out in '98. Just to cement the legend.

h said...


In the great picture of Wendy-O, the caption above it says "Lemmy", I think. So, I thought that was Lemmy on the right. Maybe not.

He still rocks though!

Buzz Kill said...

Damn, your right, that is Lemmy. I was so focused on Wendy when I selected the pic, I completely missed him. I should really pay more attenetion to what I post.

Vixen said...

That was great! Love the take on it. HappyMonday!

Kiki said...

Your pics are a lot more fun than mine... I'm sorry sweetie, I didn't mean to depress you with my entry today. It must be the weather here, it's raining today... ;)

Try to have a Happy Monday!

Bear said...

Degrees of outrageousness... who'd have thought.

Happy MM.