Thursday, June 25, 2009

Garden Update

Well, stuff is starting to come up and we have pretty much finished transferring starter seeds from their pots to their beds. The boy and I went up Thursday to weed and fertilize. We've had a ton of rain this month and some intermittent sun, so things are doing good. I haven't seen any evidence of deer - yet. There is evidence of animals eating our bean plants and I've found (and blocked) 3 holes in the fence. I think they're ground hogs (or maybe rabbits) and they seem to only like the beans. The next door neighbors garden doesn't have any holes or evidence of animals. They're veteran farmers here and they must know what not to plant. I'll have to ask them the next time I see them.

The corn seems to be doing pretty good. Someone told me you have to have a bunch of rows of corn so that you get germination. The neighbors next to us have corn but it's only half as high and about 10 feet away. We'll see.

The tomatoes are doing good. Some flowers but no fruit that I could see.

I think these are some kind of peas with nice purple flowers.


h said...

Excellent. Fresh veggies in...


h said...


Lose the "must insert code word twice" feature. You're not the CIA!

Buzz Kill said...

I have no idea when or if we'll get anything to eat (although we have gotten some lettuce already). I think whatever is cutting holes in the fence will be eating well this summer. I am going to see if there's some kind of repelent I can spray around.

Sorry for the code word thing, I didn't know that was on. I think I got it turned off now.

TSintheC said...

I pulled the second batch of radishes today, as well as the second row of spinach. Our first early corn is up to my waist and starting to tassle.

Yours will do just fine.

Heff said...

Neat lookin' little setup you got goin' there !

LaDivaCucina said...

For the past four years, I've live in a high rise with a balcony that gets no sun whatsoever and miss gardening terribly,so I'm always looking at other blogger's garden photos like a lonely dude surfin' porn on the net! Your garden is La Diva's porn! tee hee!

Looks all green and lucious! How 'bout some fresh-picked peas with prosciutto on pasta? Divine springime dish.