Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some "Revealing" Information About Buzz

Aunty Belle posted a blog entitled - "What we'uns think but doan really know!". This really touched home for reasons I'll explain in a minute. But I had so much to say that I decided to not load up her comment section.

This was an unbelievably timely blog and I'll tell you why. I was contemplating this very question 2 days ago and 1 day before I was to go into the hospital for a heart cathertization. Heart disease runs in my family and I had failed a stress test a few weeks ago. I was figuring on going in and needing a bypass. My brother is having his mitrol valve repaired as I write.

Anyway, I was finishing up my MM for this Monday and put it in schedule mode for Sunday afternoon as I often do. I then got to thinking about my hospital trip and, not knowing much about the procedure and fearing I wouldn't come out of the hospital, thought that this blog would just stop and people would eventually forget about old Buzz and never know who I really was.

So I got the idea to do a write up on me, complete with picture, and scheduled it for next month. Fortunately for me you will not see that blog. Everything worked out great - I'm just a little bruised in the groinal area.

Anyway (again) I reread the blog that would reveal all and realized (other than the picture and my physical attributes) you all pretty much know me through my writing. So I will shelve that blog until my next near death experience. I'm still not brave enough to post an actual picture. Who knows, maybe one day I will. For now I will tell you I am a white male, very tall, slightly overweight with graying black hair and brown eyes.

And Aunty, I always picture you as a mature, white-haired southern belle wearing a checkered print dress and apron who has a lot of good, hometown stories and passionate political views. Right or wrong that's who you are to me.


sparringK9 said...

see, i always thought aunty would look like granny clampet. i met her. she looks a lot better than granny clampet. grrehahaha. i thought you looked remarkably like homer simpson! amazing.

im glad we wont see that post.

Big Shamu said...

I'm sorry that you were not feeling well but I'm most happy that we never saw that other blog for the reason that you wrote it.

I thought for sure K9 would have worn a rottie mask when she arrived in the Seattle airport to be picked up for the blog summit.

moi said...

Aw, Buzz, glad you came through your heart procedure with flying colors. Our Mute Mondays wouldn't be nearly as fun without your always clever interpretations!

Heff said...

Dammnit !! All this time I thought you look like Homer Simpson !

h said...

Very glad the heart-thing went smoothly. I have you pegged as a smart logical calm sort of person. Never really thought about height and stuff.

Aunty had me fooled until she slipped and said something about the music she listened to in College. Which made her younger than me.

pam said...

I had a great comment posted here and the computer ate it. Congrats on coming through the procedure. Heart disease runs in my family too and that fact really bothers me when I think about it all. I have been mulling over a semi-similar post myself, just in case something happened unexpectedly. I love that the blog world favors thoughts and words over looks, and that those words will survive us all in the great scheme of things.

Aunty Belle said...

Mercy chile'!!

Oh mah heavens BuzzKill. Aunty's own heart is in her throat to think what ya faced. Cain't even imagine seein' the blog post that warn't posted!

Aunty knowed youse a handsome thang--only a very confident fella would git a charge out of a Homer Simpson avatar.

LaDivaCucina said...

Well, aren't you the little tease! I'm sorry about your recent scare but I'm wondering what that has to do with reveling yourself? You made me tell about my near death experiences so now you have to post a photo! (because it's ALL about satisfying my curiosity!) haha!

What I know I like about you is you know music and you seem fair minded.

Hope you are feeling better now.

Buzz Kill said...

Thinking about it now, putting out a scheduled blog after my death probably would have freaked a lot of people out. Kind of like defusing a bomb at the last minute - everybodies glad you did but sweating up a storm. Thanks for all the kind words.

Diva - You're way prettier than me and I can be a faceless name for my job - everyone needs to see the good looking party planning instructor.