Sunday, October 11, 2009


Perfect Tommy: Emilio Lizardo. Wasn't he on TV once?

Buckaroo Banzai: You're thinking of Mr. Wizard.

Reno: Emilio Lizardo is a top scientist, dummkopf.

Perfect Tommy: So was Mr. Wizard.


h said...

I never understood why the villagers were so down on Frank N. Stein and his creation. RACISTS!

Good mad stuff.

Happy Mute Monday!

fishy said...

Howl, your humor always gets me Buzz.
Hope it's a great Monday at your place.

sparringK9 said...

blofeld. they dont make them like that anymore. but, dr strangelove is the guy for all seasons. like, now! happy MM

Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

"Real Genius" is one of my all time favorite movies and Robert Downey Jr. is hawt no matter what scientist he plays; "Weird Science" or "Iron Man" *sigh* Happy Mute Monday!

Unknown said...

Ooooh, I knew I was going in a similar direction as you! But definitely didn't go as far as you did! Happy MM!

Doom said...

There are some memories, right there. You remind me, I have some unfinished projects. Ha!

Happy MM!

Aunty Belle said...

Ho!! Loved Mr. Wizard...yeah, I was only 3 months old.

Jes' a note: iffin' y'aint seen the Kenneth Branagh version of Frankenstein wif DeNiro as the monster, rent it today--THE BEST EVER.

Happy MM, BuzzK!

Lt. Colonel Maximum Damage said...

auntys wrong. that movie sucks.

moi said...

Buckaroo Banzai is one of my favorite movies of all time. That soundtrack was irresistible! Happy Mute Monday, Mr. Buzz!

Buzz Kill said...

Not sure you could call his treatment "racist" being he was the only one.

Glad I could be of assistance.

And Blofeld gave us dr Evil - the gift tht keeps on giving. Strangelove was Peter Sellers' best role IMHO.

Val Kilmer was brilliant in Real Genius for being so early in his career.

No one ever goes as far as I do - just ask the Mrs. grrrhahaha

I hope the unfinished projects don't involve plutonium.


I saw that version many years ago. It was a different kind of Frankenstein for sure.

Isn't this a wonderful country?

Buckaroo Banzai is cheesy Sci-Fi at its best. John Lithgow was really good. The scene where the band is playing in the bar and Peter Weller stops playing and says, "Is anybody out there not having a good time?" I love that scene.

Anonymous said...

Ironman? Nice. Couldn't pick out the one below him, though. Looked like something from Dune, but I know that can't be right...

Happy MM!

Buzz Kill said...

You're the only one to ask about this one. That is from an obscure 1988 movie called Dead Ringers with Jeremy Irons playing twin gynecoligists (yeah, I know) who go insane and build all kinds of special gynecological tools in the name of science. I just recently saw it again and it was on my mind. Pretty sick movie but it featured a very hot Geneviève Bujold.

MinorityReport said...

Very cool idea for this week's theme. I'm glad Urban asked about the one below Iron Man. I was lost on that one also. Happy MM.

Kymical Reactions said...

Ah, the mad scientist. I know loads of mad scientists. no, really. They always seem to be angry.

Happy MM. I've managed to put something together in my neck of the bloggerwoods.

Karl said...

Good evening Buz Kill,

Dr Strangelove is one of my all time favorite movies. A good mad scientist is hard to find.

ree said...

I knew I'd get to Young Frankenstein eventually! ;-)

Happy Mute Monday

Joanna Cake said...

LOL, I loved these!