Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday - Raising Arizona

Boxer is hosting a Movie Clip Wednesday Meme and I played along with a favorite scene from a favorite movie. And this is by far (and in my opinion) the funniest scene in the movie. Enjoy.


Jenny said...

Thanks for playing. I LOVE this movie and think Nicolas Cage is a better comedian than action hero (or money manager.) Holly Hunter was also hysterical in this and I'm a big fan of the Coen Brothers.

Pam said...

I love this movie too, but haven't seen it in a long while. Cult classic.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Buzz Kill,

Hot dog! Not only have I seen this one,do but I liked it too!

moi said...

"Hi, I needs me a toddler!" Nobody does skewed comedy quite like the Coen Brothers.

Buzz Kill said...


I was just thinking about doing something like this the other week. I'm up for doing it weekly. I will try for some of the more obscure favorite scenes.

I t was just on the other night and still on my mind. It's a really good movie.

I can't believe it's one you recognized. I will probably do some future ones that you won't know but will hopefully like.

Repeat Ohh Fender. Cracks me up every time.

Jenny said...

Yay! It's official then, Wednesday is Movie Clip Wednesday. I think I'll make a logo to make it all official and everything. You're such a movie buff, it will be fun to see what you produce. Any suggestions for next week's theme?

Anonymous said...

Eh? I have to learn about this film.

LaDivaCucina said...

I think, back in the day, I had a bootleg copy of this on VHS!!! Along with Bladerunner and Buckaroo Bonzai, this movie was one of the movies we'd watch with people over again and again and again....I miss the old, funny Nic Cage.

sparringK9 said...

nick dont look too bad with those pork chop sideburns do he? aw hell im tawken laik holly hunner

h said...

Did Holly Hunter retire? She was good in this.

Buzz Kill said...

I gave you all of tthose suggestions and you picked Musicals? I'm not talking to you anymore. BTW, I can't copy that logo off your site for some reason. Can you make it a JPG?

If you like quirky dark comedy, you'll like this.

The bankrupt Nick is less funny. I even hear he's doing a sequel to that god awful Ghost Rider.

I love Holly Hunter but can't figure out what her voice really sounds like. Troll, if you really want to "see her", I recommend The Piano. She's currently doing a detective series on TNT called Saving Grace but I haven't seen it.

Jenny said...

Dude! Don't hate the theme, dig deep Brotha, did deep. I'm going to fix the logo and I'll have a better copy up over the weekend. I loved your suggestions, but wanted something 'easy' for the first official week. My clip? It's actually kinda creepy. I think you'll be happy.

P.S. Holly Hunter's show is unwatchable, BUT her body is rocking hard. Wow.