Sunday, February 7, 2010

Oh, My Back - 27.3" of snow, are you kidding me again?

Jesus H. Christ - this was the 2nd biggest snow Storm in our history! The 3rd biggest was back in December. So that's 2 record snow storms in a season and we have more snow coming Wednesday. I really hurt my back this time with digging out driveway entrances up and down the street. And there are kids clothes piled everywhere waiting to be dried. I've had enough!

The Bird Feeder with squirrel shield

The Deck (note the hanging basket snow cones)

The Driveway

The bird bath and little boy statue

The Mrs Flower Bed


Jenny said...

have you considered making some of Shamu's snow cream?

Kymical Reactions said...

this looks eerily familiar. But it sure is purdy.

Joanna Cake said...

Wow, and I was complaining about three inches worth over here :)

fishy said...

Does a blow torch work without hurting your back?

Pam said...

Ouch. I feel your pain. But surely you guys are geared up for this kind of weather? I mean in the way of snowplows?

Karl said...

I feel for you. We are in record territory in here too. At least yous guys have the equipment to deal with it. Here we have septic contractors clearing the roads with backhoes.

This might be a good time to start looking into a riding snow blower:

Buzz Kill said...

I actually did when I saw the snow cone flower pot. The Mrs would never let me give the kids that much sugar though.

Yeah, I think you probably got as much as us.

I complain about anything over 3" too.

The neighbors may have something to say about that. And I'd go My snow blower will handle about 8 - 10" at a time.

I like your thinking. That's a lot of tractor.

LaDivaCucina said...

Oh. My. God. Time to move to Floduh. Was the snow "wet?" That's usually when it gets back breaking heavy for me to shovel...not that I've shoveled much in the last 15 years!!!! (heheh...)

I used to hate when people who don't live in it would say: "It looks so pretty"....they have no idea! But it does...if only you could just enjoy it instead of having to drive in it!

If you can still cook, here's some info on stir frying.

I see the link for the fried noodle was not working so here it is:

It's REALLY EASY but don't leave it in the warm oven too long or it will be dried out crispy cake.

Stir fries are pretty simple if you stick to a few rules. It's best to remember what ingredients take the longest to cook and add them accordingly (broccoli, carrots, green beans first, mushrooms, peppers, zuke next, snow peas, bean sprouts green onions last) Sometimes I blanch the hard veggies first so they cook/fry quicker.

Always do your meat first and make sure it is dry and wok/pan is smoking hot, and then add oil and meat. I put a corn starch coating on the meat/chicken/shrimp sometime to thicken up the sauce and add texture. You don't want the protein to be wet, so blot with a paper towel if you have to. If the meat is wet, it will steam instead of sear and be rubbery and not juicy.

Add veggies, then sauce when just about done. You can use bottled or your own. Then soft veggies at very last minute like snow peas.

Email me if you have any other q's!

Bye Buzzy!