Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday - Worst Movie Ending

Looks like Boxer may never come back as hostess (but at least she's back playing), so the Milk River Madman is graciously continuing to host the Movie Clip Wednesday Meme where everyone picks a clip from their favorite movies based on a weekly theme. This week's theme is WORST MOVIE ENDINGS. This is kind of tough to write about without spoiling the ending. I'll give it a whirl but I'm going to leave out a lot of plot details.

A movie that immediately comes to mind (and it's a little, obscure Indy film) is 2003's Swimming Pool. It stars Charlotte Rampling as a murder mystery writer who goes on vacation in France. It also features Ludivine Sagnier who is unbelievably hot (and very naked) in this movie. For all you Mr. Skin fans out there, this movie has some great nudity including Rampling, who was in her late 50s at the time. By the time you get to the end of this movie though, you will have no idea what actually happened or what is true or made up in the mind of Rampling's character.

After I saw this movie, I went on IMDB and other chatboards to see if I missed something. Turns out I got it right. Everyone else was as confused as I was. There are a number of theories on what happened including analysis of room colors where different events happen up to dream sequences and conspiracies. I liked this movie with a lot of quirky, odd things and scenes - up until the end. I like movies that leave a little something to the imagination, but this left the whole ending to the imagination. I don't want to have to work that hard for my entertainment.

Here's the trailer because I couldn't find the ending:

I will definitely recommend that you watch it because the acting, storyline, the French countryside and nudity is very good, but be prepared to be confused at the end.

Wanna see more loser endings, then go over and see the Madman . He may actually leave you with a happy ending.


Pam said...

Yep, looks like another one that requires "too much watching" to figure it out. Maybe it is one that doesn't translate from book to screen? Anyway, haven't seen it, probably won't based on this review! Happy MCW

Anonymous said...
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Princess said...

Charlotte Rampling Always plays interesting roles and from the preview I'm keen to trak down the full length version. Even if the ending is a bit confusing

moi said...

You know this is a "chick film," right :o)? Or does that not matter if there is a high nekkid quotient? Anyway, not only did I have to sit through this thing, I had to do it TWICE because I was reviewing it for a local alternative weekly. Rampling was, as ever, a total class act, but the movie was a complete waste of time. Ergo, most excellent pick on your part.

Milk River Madman said...

I was going to see if I could find a copy then came to Moi's brief review above. The nudity recomendation though will probably win against the waste of time comment. Happy MCW.

chickory said...

i saw this movie. and remember NOTHING> so i agree. the ending sucked. happy MCW

Heff said...

I've never even HEARD of this movie !

Buzz Kill said...

It's actiually not a bad murder mystery and has some great shots of the French countryside. Just don't expect any closure at the end.

Rampling is one of those classy, English actresses that plays characters that are very watchable.

I can watch chick flicks if said chicks are naked or shoot weapons at some point. It's one of my rules.

I would like to see how you reviewed it because I'm still confused.

From a guy's perspective, it's definitely worth watching - once.

This was one of those movies that I actually thought enough about to do research on what other people thought happened (cryptic I know but I don't want to spoil the plot). So even though the ending was bad, it left an impression.

It's an obscure Indy that evidently did pretty well at the Canne Film Festival when it was released. Worth seeing just for Ludivine Sagnier's scenes.

Jenny said...

At first I had to make sure I was actually reading YOUR blog because this IS a small (Chick) Indie movie and YOU watched. But then I got to the nekid stuff and realized why. :-) I've never seen it. Sounds like a movie made by people on Coke.

Good pick for many reasons. Happy MCW

moi said...

It's about 500 words. I can post it here or email it to you, whichever.

Joanna Cake said...

Charlotte Rampling looks good in any/every/no thing :) I think I wanted to watch this but never got around to it.

Karl said...

Good evening

The trailer would've shut me down. If the movie flashed from scene to scene the way it did, I couldn't deal with it. So, I would say good choice.

Buzz Kill said...

This movie's main characters are chicks (naked ones at that) but I don't really consider it a chick flick. There's no love story going on here. It's more of a whodunit thriller.

I would love to read your review,


If you like Rampling I think you would enjoy it - except for the ending.

The movie is very fluid and not jerky like the trailer. The trailer is almost like a sensored movie. There's a fair amount of nudity and they had to do some chopping to keep it PG.