Sunday, January 30, 2011

F-ing Snow

This is what's left of the snow we had Thursday morning. These were taken Saturday afternoon. This stuff just won't go away (like the kids) and they're calling for more on Tuesday.


Pam said...

We had temps in the 70's yesterday. And Tuesday is supposed to be the winter storm of the year. And I have someone trying to fly in that day. Ack! Looks like you have everything functioning there though ... get the shovels ready!

LaDivaCucina said...

Oh man. I feel for you brotha Buzz, I do. And the sad part is, it's ONLY JANUARY. You've got, what, at least three and a half more months of this crap? Shall I get the gun now? Ick. When I would tell people in Australia about how one has to shovel your car out, de ice locks (is that an issue anymore?) crack the ice off the windshield and brush the snow off the car and then if you are LUCKY, your car will start, all of this BEFORE work, they would stare at me with amazement and then shake their heads, knowing how lucky they were not to have lived in those Siberian conditions.

Good luck, stay strong and get the kids to shovel the drive. And drink to forget the cold. (I won't tell you what the temp is or what I'm doing today, you will hate me.)

LaDivaCucina said...

PS: I forgot to tell you how I love the title of your post. I did an entire series of poems starting with "F-ing" whilst traveling with my ex husband in a camper van around Australia for seven months. The series started with F-ing Dust, then F-ing Bugs, then F-ing Small Towns, F-ing Campgrounds and of course F-ing Husband! What was I thinking?

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

stay safe and have fun with snow...

we are cool here, only snowed for once.
Happy Sunday!

moi said...

I was out and about in my 'hood today. Everyone is talking about the blast of arctic air plus tons of snow we're supposed to get starting tomorrow night and lasting into Wednesday. Weather people are calling it The Beast. What's most annoying, though, is after bitching, everyone's all, "Oh well; we need the moisture."

Oh, yeah? Who says? We live in the freakin' DESERT! Still, I'd rather battle snow in winter than fire in summer.

Buzz Kill said...

I'm so done with winter. The thought of digging out again on Tuesday is just too depressing to think about.

Lock de-icing may be a problem with tomorrow's storm. Get the kid's to shovel? Bwahahaha The Mrs has them way too spoiled for that. I can think of a lot worse words to describe the snow. F-ing husband? He let you get away with that?

I am the most dangerous man in the world when I'm working a snow blower. Bwahahaha

Come on, you run in the snow. You're way tougher than I am. And I check the equivalent rainfall totals all the time - because that's how I roll.

fishy said...

You have my sympathies.
We recently had 8" of snow here in the SOUTH were there is no equipment to deal with the white stuff. Blowfish had to plug in his truck at night to keep something in the starter unfrozen so he could ignite the engine in the mornings. He also had to chisel the doors open because of the ice.
He came inside one morning after this activity and said, "if this keeps up we will have to consider a change of continents".

Karl said...

Good evening Buzz Kill,

If you think the snow was fun, you just wait. They're talking about 1/2 inch of ice here and I think your suppose to get about 1/4 inch. On top of the snow, what a dangerous mess this is gonna be. Plan ahead and stay safe.

Perhaps you should sit back and write some poetry, drink some coffee. You'll feel better.

Buzz Kill said...

Sounds like blowfish has a diesel engine. They don't do well in the extreme cold with out heaters. The snow is one thing but the ice is something different entirely. Looks like we're getting ice tonight.

This mornings ice wasn't bad at all, but tonight has the potential to be real bad. Just as long as the kids go to school, I'm good.

Jenny said...

I hate snow. Hate it. Hate it and you've been DUMPED this Winter. Ugh. Really, truly sorry. spent two winters in S.Jersey and all I remember is my car door lock freezing so I couldn't open the door. ???? Too cold.

Don't go all Donner Party, make sure you have food and I really, really hope your kids make it school... for their sake.

Buzz Kill said...

Although the Donner Party had some good ideas where the kids are concerned, it looks like it won't be necesary. While the rest of the country is getting pounded with snow, we're getting rain and the upper 40s tomorrow - melt off. I haven't really seen the ground since the 1st week of January, so that'll be nice.

LaDivaCucina said...

F-ing husband is now F-ing EX husband!