Monday, January 17, 2011

Haiku Monday - Arizona

Oil surfacing souls,

When survivors join comrades

the Pearl sheens no more.

Haiku Monday is hosted and judged by the Troll. All decisions by the Troll and Master Basho are final. Please, no wagering.


moi said...

Very nice. Totally unexpected direction. Happy Haiku Monday!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, it took me a minute to get it. Very nice haiku.

Master Basho has no problem with wagering, btw. Might add some spice.

Jenny said...

that's a stunning picture and I like that you went with this "Arizona". I liked it.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Buzz Kill,

Good job, a very nice twist. Do you know of the problems dealing with the oil?

chickory said...

very innovative! i didnt expect this at all. well done and good luck!

Buzz Kill said...

I was tired of hearing how politics breeds psycho killers and Congrsswoman Giffords medical condition updated every 15 minutes. At least she doesn't have to hear about all the zaniness.

After I reread my haiku and looked at the piture, I realized it was only obvious to me. I added the 2nd pic just for you. And I lost enough money on the football bracket pools, I don't need to be a haiku loser too.

For some reason the arizona Memorial was still on my mind from Pearl Harbor day last month.

Only what I read on Wiki. They lose about a quart a day. The Navy is trying to figure a way to pump it out before one of the tanks fail. Legend has it that when the last survivor passes on, the oil will stop. This was my inspiration.

You know me. Out in left field with my back to home plate.

Ingrid M said...

Grateful for sharing tthis