Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Eve Aftermath

I have been tied up (not literally, unfortunately) with NYE party and Christmas decorations clean up and had hoped to get back to everyone much sooner than this. Sue me.

First, thank you Boxer for hosting the best (only) virtual New Years Eve Party I've ever attended. Huge participation and commenting from a ton of people. Some really funny and interesting stuff.

Second, I apologize for the bad link in my post for the Boy Scouts of America. Completely unintentional and I didn't realize it until today. All this linking got me turned around.

Thirdly, I think because I was tied up with a real NYE party here at Kill Manor, my overall participation affected how many people who visited my site and the charitable donation amount. I had 28 total comments at 50 cents per comment that would make the donation $14. I'm going to round that up to $50 and that donation went out today to the Southern New Jersey Council, White Horse District. This is the council the boys belong to and they can always use the support. Thank you all for humoring my New Years Eve Blog.

Fourthly, I hope everyone not only had a virtual good time, but a "real" good time this New Years in however you celebrated. We had 3 neighbor couples with kids come by and it was a nice, quiet evening (because I threw the kids in the basement with the Xbox and some Cheetos). We had one broken wine glass on the kitchen floor (red Zin - that stuff makes a sticky mess) and one couple actually bailed on us at 11:00PM. That was not an indication of how boring we are but rather, how boring they are (the Mrs and I were taking bets before they arrived as to when they would leave). We had more than enough food with a spiral ham, meatball sandwiches and stuffed shells (all store bought) along with various appetizers. We let the kids out at midnight but they all immediately ran back in the house because it was too cold - pussies.

Fifthly, I'm going to try and make a Navy Bean Soup with the leftover ham bone and may post about that.

Sixthly, one last time - Happy New Year to all!


Jenny said...

Nice recap. I want to add that because of this party we all learned (OK, I haven't yet.) to put links in our comments. Bonus!!

I'm glad you had a nice NYE. Surprised you let the kids out of the basement at Midnight. Did you forget to lock the door?

I've added your generous donation to the tally and I can't wait to see what the final total will be. It's an honor to have you on that list. Thanks!

Pam said...

We can put links in comments? How did I miss that. Please share. Can we put photos?

Aunty Belle said...

Great recap BuzzK! Youse a champ to up the ante to $50 fer yore scouts.

As fer boring neighbors, doan waste no ham on 'em next year. Throw 'em in wif the teens--heh.

Sharon Rudd said...

Glad you had a fine *real* New Year's Eve, and that you didn't have to do too much cooking this time around. As for my virtual New Year's brunch, thank goodness for the archives :)

It was a grand time at Boxer's, wasn't it? You and everyone else in this blogging community inspires me and makes me smile. And I'm seriously bowled over by the donations.

Best to you, Mrs. Kill, and the boys in the coming year!

Buzz Kill said...

The links in the comments are a little tedious (the way I do it) but worth it to make a point.

The kids needed to use the bathroom anyway.

Here's a link that 63Mago turned me on to:

It's easy once you get the hang of it. You can link to a photo but I don't think you can put it directly in the comment.

The wife of the boring couple is a good friend of the Mrs. It's mostly her husband. We'll invite them next year and see if they accept.

Buzz Kill said...

I recognized some of the food from previous posts but it is still impressive. Boxer's party was like nothing I've ever seen before. I think people learned alot about what works and what doesn'tand the participation was way better than I thought it would be. Next years should be even better.

chickory said...

i laughed out loud when i got to the "pussies" part. He he fun to know what dads REALLY think. *note to self: impress dad with being game for anything.*

Great rounding up you did there. Would you like to be my agent? grerhaha
happy new year. we didnt go out anywhere as i guess V and I are boring. mostly V wants to eat and drink all night at home, under cover, where nobody can see him gorge. i drank early so the height of my intoxication was around 7:30. by 10 i was as innocent as cindy lou who in my footed pink pajamas.


chickory said...

oh and buzz? the fact that you made a garland makes me smile. its a big deal, and i thank you and Heather's foster kids thank you too. you big hearted ol bald yellow thing

moi said...

I like your new look for the New Year. Awesome donation to the Scouts, without whom the pool of upstanding American men would indeed be quite shallow

Buzz Kill said...

Well, they are pussies. They walk to school in shorts and hoodies in 30 degree weather but they won't go outside for a couple of minutes to ring in the new year? I'll remember that garland because of the whole "Blistex" incident. It pushed the limits of my artistic ability. Next year how about something with wood and screws - I can do that.

You know, I changed my blogger profile picture for the party one, and then I couldn't find the original. I think it was on my old deceased computer - lost forever and I couldn't find it on google. It's been almost 2 years - time for a change.

Upstanding American Men? In the future maybe but right now they're mostly 11 and 12 year olds with ADD. Some realy long troop meeting.

LaDivaCucina said...

Buzz, you are funny! And dark! Who leaves a party on NYE before midnight? Sounds like they are pussies too! (I hate those obligatory friendships, guess the boring partner is part of "the package!")

I liked the NYE cyber party the best as the beginning of the night was spent with friends and their babies/toddlers, so no conversation was ever finished and I was anxious watching/stopping the kid from putting her whole fist constantly in my bean dip. ugh. And the second part was good until the obnoxiously drunk neighbor wouldn't leave and the DJ almost flattened him. Only reason I stopped him was so I wouldn't have to post bail. A Diva can't even have a peaceful time in her own house.

Well done on the hosting and charity, Buzz! I'm proud of everyone! PS: Don't forget to take half the soup out to blend to thicken!

moi said...

Earlier this year, on a flight out to Atlanta, I got boxed in on all sides and down several rows by a troop of Boy Scouts. Two things immediately popped into my brain: 1. Sweet Jesus, pre-adolescent boys are stinky. 2. Do they come with an "off" switch?

Still, I have hope for the fyoooochure.

Buzz Kill said...

My world is very dark. But the Mrs is my shining light. Bwahahahaha

Well, I never would have paired baby fist with bean dip, but it could work. And a sure way to get rid of drunks at a party is to start a prayer circle and envite them to join. Works faster than AMWAY.

Now you tell me about the blending the soup. That's a great idea. Where were you last night?

Buzz Kill said...

Boys either smell of AXE or smell because they don't shower for days. The boy just had 4 of his buddies overnight for an XBox-athon in the basement. The stench that came wafting up the steps had the Mrs and I gagging.

And they don't have an "off switch" because of the sugar. I'll bet the 13 year olds stared at you the whole trip. Bwahahaha