Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Boy Scouts - Eagle Ceremony

Well, it's official, The Boy is an Eagle Scout. The troop held a court of honor a couple of weeks ago and we pinned him.

The official eagle neckerchief.

Lame attempt at photoshopping the cake.

The Boy and The Pudge.

The Boy and The Old Man.

The Three Stooges.

Semper Paratus - Always Ready - Be Prepared!


Jenny said...

I love the last photo! The Boy's expression is great and I think a family that Scouts Together, Stays Together. Congrats to you all for getting him to Eagle. It takes a village. Or good parenting. :-)

Sharon Rudd said...

A fine achievement indeed - all the way around! Congrats!

pam said...

Congratulations! I have been to 2-3 of these Eagle ceremonies and know what a big production they can be! Fantastic job to all of you. A very proud moment and rightly so. Definitely setting out on the right path to manhood.

Dani said...

So wonderful Buzz. You and the Mrs. must be very proud.

Buzz Kill said...

That expression on his face. That's what I deal with every day. It's not going to take a's going to take a state penitentiary.

One to go. The second one will be easier.

This was a very low-key ceremony. The biggest thing was that we brought a bunch of food. We probably had 2 dozen scouts and at least that many parents. Plus 1/2 dozen leaders and 2 past eagles. And it was the first 90 degree day of the year, so I was sweating like a pig. That's what I'll remember.

We are, although the Mrs doesn't fully understand everything that I and the other leaders had to do to make this happen. It was like pulling teeth.

Karl said...

Good evening Buzz Kill,

Doing your job, so that no one out front understands what took place behind the scenes to achieve the desired outcome is SOP. Pat yourself on the back for helping him achieve the goal. Doesn't matter whether anyone else knows, you do.

Soon enough he will to be off to college. You'll be dealing with all of the first year problems that hopefully achieving Eagle will help you avoid.

chickory said...

when i see these photos, I feel better about the future. i really do. Congratulations to all of ya'll!

moi said...

Congratulations on a job well done all the way around. That's a great photo, too.

Now, excuse me while I pop a bag of Cheetos, a six pack of Fresca, and eagerly await your Boy at College posts ("It's gonna take a penitentiary." ROTFLMAO.)

Buzz Kill said...

I'm not looking for credit, just some understanding from the Mrs when we get back late from troop meetings. I can see him starting a bond fire in the dorm and tying up women with those eagle skills.

Me too. I'm amazed at how many scouts we have in the troop now (32 I think). For whatever reason, or maybe it's just an anomaly in our troop, boy scouting is getting popular again. Out of the crop that came in with the pudge, I see at least a half dozen potential eagles.

Don't get too comfortable. I'm hoping he goes off to school and that will be the last we see of him, other than the bills. I'll have to link his facebook for the stories.

Anonymous said...

Impressive achievement indeed. I did just enough to earn entry to jambor...jambur...

cook-out camp-out events.

LaDivaCucina said...

Haha! to all the comments, I love your dry sense of humour Buzzy! WELL DONE on all fronts, especially for badass papa being there to support and encourage! So nice to see dad and his boys achieving things together, very nice, well done TO THE BOY and Congrats!

And may I just say that the Boy's prom date is HOT? And I would have told his friend to get the "f" out of our bedroom, duh! How do you not know any better? Next thing you know he's sitting on the foot of the bed picking his nose too! Buzzy, you definitely have plenty of funny fodder for the Blogosphere, thanks for sharing! Enjoy the weekend (best you can!)

Buzz Kill said...

You may be thinking of a camporee, which is a group of local troops getting together for a camping weekend, usually with a theme like the Klondike Derby. Jamboree is an international camping trip and we've never gone to one. It's logistically tough and cost prohibitive. This years is in Sweden, but 2013 is in West Virginia, so we're looking at that one.

I only tell the truth and if it's funny, well...

I'm glad someone else agrees with me about my bedroom. Going into one of my friend's parents room at that age, late at night would have been too freaky for me.

Aunty Belle said...

Oh, BuzzK! This is a MAJOR celebration!
Horns, drums, cymbals!! AWESOME BOYS, Buzz.

I agree wif' ya--the Mrs. should recognize that it ain't easy haulin' that wagon --but it is unforgettable in Boy and Pudge's life--DAD WAS PRESENT. It doan git better'n that.

Still, Karl on SOP? True, too.

@ Chick9. Yes, it do, doan it??

Ya know what? This is the hapapiest thang I read all day. Thanky. AN' fer sharin' the photos--made mah day.