Friday, June 3, 2011

The Boy's Prom 2011

So The Boy had his High School Senior Prom this week. His date, "R" looked great but (in my opinion) is way too good for him. He informed the Mrs and I the day before that 3 other couples and a limo were showing up at our house for pictures. Here are a couple of the pictures.

I may have some pictures of the other couples at a later date.

As for the Prom, The Boy and R were going as "friends" although they briefly "dated" about 6 months ago. His main squeeze "L" was going to the Prom with another guy who, according to The Boy, is "gay" (why is everything in quotes?). I'm not exactly sure what transpired (and will maybe provide an after action report later when I do find out) but The Boy and L are through, done...she's not coming around anymore. L was too good for him too (she is going to a reputable university to study medicine). And I'm not sure what R's status is as of this writing. Oh to be a stupid teenager again.

The Boy gets home from the Prom at around 11:30PM and comes into our bedroom to let us know (actually the Mrs because he knows I don't care) that he's home and packing to go to the shore. It's a long time New Jersey tradition to go to the shore after the Prom. I did it 32 years ago.

Here's the kicker. He's taking his buddy "M" with him to the shore (it's about 75 minute ride) and when the Boy comes in to our room to talk to the Mrs, his buddy M comes in the room too! Is it me or am I right to be upset by this? The Mrs shook it off as boys just not knowing any better. There is no way I would have ever done that at his (or any other) age.

In any event, The Boy is down the shore for a couple of days, which means peace and quiet for me and The Pudge.


fishy said...

Does "the boy" read your blog?????
In the dark ages, parents knew who their children were courting, or dating and in general, their social circle. Not so today! Current seniors go to proms with dates they no longer "see" and in groups no one knows and have zero understanding of what constitutes a social commitment.

As for socializing in your bedroom with the Mrs in her nightwear... mostly sounds like you go to bed too early on Prom Night. Obviously M feels right at home in your house. You might teach "the Boy" and "the Pudge" why this is not a practice they should adopt. Nicely Buzz, nicely.

They look like good, happy kids.
Did he make Eagle Scout?

Jenny said...

Limited internet from the red mountains of Utah but just wanted to say your boy is handsome and I'm glad he went to his Prom. I didn't go to mine. I was "dating" a Junior. (more quotation marks for you.) I so agree, oh to be a stupid teenager again.

moi said...

The Boy bears a "striking" resemblance to the lead "singer" of Greenday. I mean that in a good way. Also his dates dress is the "bomb."

I am however worried about this "Jersey" Shore thing.

pam said...

They are stinkin' adorable, that's what they are. This is such a fun time for parents. You worry worry WORRY about them, but they grow up to be wonderful people in spite of the crazy things we did to them in the raising process. I personally think it is great that they are comfortable enough to come into the room at that time of night. And especially letting you know what the plan was meant to be. Lots of fun. Believe me, you will miss those teens when they grow up and move out for good!

Sharon Rudd said...

Buzz, I read this post during one of the brief periods I had a decent internet connection while on the road and was severely pissed when I couldn't get my comment to take. You have much to be proud of. While I was in South Dakota, I kept thinking of you and your Scouting sons and that you would have loved the area. Don't know about Mrs. K., however. A few pics up on my blog now, and more to come if work doesn't swallow me whole tomorrow :)

Buzz Kill said...

I don't really care if he reads my blog. this is my therapy (until I get professional help). His buddy M is a weird guy and he doesn't come to our house all that often. I was more upset with The Boy allowing him in. And we knew what their plans for the night were and I've given up waiting up for The Boy. I've told him if he's not going to come home at a descent hour or tell us what time, he's on his own and don't call me until morning.

The Boy does well with the women. There was no doubt he was going - just with whom. He got into an arguement with his girlfriend L and she was so pissed at him that she had her prom dates name tramp stamped on her and posted it on her facebook page (The Boy showed me). We're all hoping it's henna.

Yeah, I think it's the hair. If he wore black eyeliner, he would have Billie Joe Armstrong down pat. R's dress was very hot (God I hope she's 18).

The Jersey Shore you see on TV is North Jersey and is nothing like that here in South Jersey.

We knew their plans and The Boy was just letting us know he (and R) got home OK. I could hear some of the other kids from the limo down stairs for a couple of minutes, then they were gone. Of the group, The Boy and R definitely looked the best.

Nice of you to say. I may actually have to go to SD for work in the near future.

chickory said...

This is funny. I love the curmudgeon dad role you play. They should give you a reality show. The kids are alright! Looking good and very prommy.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I thought at first it was about Paul McCartney's grandson though.

He doesn't look anything like Green Day dude. Who is about 3 feet tall.

Buzz Kill said...

Although I'm not acting, a reality show based on my life would be tremendously boring and frustrating - like my life.

Paul McCartney has a grandson? That would explain the Mrs disappearance 19 years ago. She said she was visiting her parents.