Friday, September 16, 2011


The Mushrooms I talked about here are starting to dry up and wither, but I did take a couple of really crappy pictures so you could see what I was talking about.  It's a shame the Culinary Smackdown Challenge this month is Octoberfest and not shitake.  The leaf blower should take care of them.

They're everywhere!

Pretty creepy I know.
 Think of me as you enjoy your weekend knowing that I live in a world of spores, molds, and fungus (thanks Dr. Spengler).


Jenny said...

Dude, this is my back yard (and front) in the Spring as the weather warms and we still have rain. I'm always worried my dogs will eat one, but so far they stay away from them. I hadn't thought about a leaf blower to get rid of them.


Your Friend Who Also Lives in the Land of Spores,Molds ans Fungus

Big Shamu said...

When life gives you spores and fungi, make mushroom lasagna.

pamokc said...

These are strange but isn't it interesting to see that Mother Nature has a way of taking things over? I hope they aren't dangerous and that you aren't sneezing your head off. We just got back from another damp and wet place in the world where moss grows on roofs (sat on the roof, kicked off the moss) ... and both of us were snorky while there, for sure. I haven't been around so missed if you had any damage from the 'cane? Hope all is well.

Heff said...

Make TEA, and Ha-Loose N 8 !!

Aunty Belle said...

Gads--spores an fungus farm. Guess they doan have no pigs fer these?

Karl said...

Good night Buzz Kill,

Better fungus than Mosquitos. Where I’m at they swarm constantly. High wind helps to keep them down. But mowing mushrooms sounds like a lot more fun.
Have a good weekend and don’t take any unnecessary trips.

sparringK9 said...

my friend was into drinking this kambucha tea. basically you grow a mushroom on tea that is fermenting. and then drink it. I was astonished she could get it down. I would NEVER drink that. sure enough, she got a systemic yeast infection. so much for health!

like the good doctor said - avoid spores molds and fungi (cept for blue cheese)

Jenny said...

are you done being bizzy and stuff? because we miss you.

pam said...

Just checking in on you Buzzy. Hope all is well with you and the Scout Troop!