Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Where's Buzz?

For all my on-line friends who have been asking - I'm OK.   Minimal storm damage although it's been pretty wet the last two weeks.   The basement is dry and the roof is intact (more or less - it's over 20 years old and will need replacing eventually).  We picked up 15 wheel barrows full of branches and leaves.  And a gazillion mushrooms I've never seen before are growing - everywhere.

I am just under several work deadlines and The Pudge's schedule at night (now that he's back to school, although he was sick yesterday) is killing me.  I'll be lurking but taking some time off from blogging for the next couple of weeks (no Haiku or MCW).  Oh, the Mrs decided now is the time to clean out the garage, so everything is piled in the middle of the garage and I can't find any tools.  Let's hope she doesn't break anything.


moi said...

Glad to hear you're okay, but not that you have so much clean-up and other work. Thought of you the other day:


Hang in there, dude.

fishy said...

Maybe instead of a tap you need an IV for your beer? Glad to learn all is well at the Kill house.
I do wonder though, if you are busy with workloads, deadlines, reorganizing the garage and chauffeuring the Pudge, who is cooking?

Heff said...

Glad you're O.K.

The mushrooms are probably from rotting tree roots.

Jenny said...

Thanks for letting us know. Glad you're dry and undamaged and I hope your marriage and/or tools are the same after the garage cleaning.

Jenny said...

mushrooms grow everywhere here. It's the rain and moisture.

Sharon Rudd said...

Glad to hear you're relatively unscathed by the weather, Buzz, but sorry to hear about everything else on your plate. I hope you'll be back to blogging in time to participate in the Culinary Smackdown - Battle: Oktoberfest (deadline is Sept. 30). I had the chance to have dinner with Stephie of Small Girl Adventures (last month's winner and this month's host), and she is absolutely adorable (post to come). She has become quite the Smackdown enthusiast and I'm hoping we get some fun entries!

chickory said...

I am so glad there is nothing horrific wrong due to hurricane. Enjoy your adventures in home maintenance and thanks so much for your comment about my friend Sandy.

LaDivaCucina said...

15 wheelbarrows is a LOT of clean up, glad you didn't see any damage, you have a lot of trees. The mushrooms sound interesting....can you eat any of them? Good luck with the tight schedule and see you soon, Buzzy!

Buzz Kill said...

Colicchio and Bourdain on the Simpsons. That will be worht watching. I hope Bourdain kicks the crap out of Tom.

Well, not the Mrs. That's just one more of the many things that I do. Cutting the lawn is something else I do but I can't get to the mower because she piled stuff on it, but I can get to the snow blower. That woman's logic defies me.

Yeah, we have mulch everywhere and it's just been continuosly wet. We've had mushroom problems in the past but not like this. I should take a pic.

See above Fishy comment. The Mrs never touches my tools in a good way.

If I can get past the next 2 weekends, I might have some Octoberfest time. The 30th is a Friday, so I may have to submit on the 2nd - we'll see. Looking forward to your review.

Here in South Jersey there's nothing that can't be connected to a Springsteen song. That's just the way it is - and you're welcome.

I'd be scared to death to try a wild mushroom. Even the experts don't always get it right. These things aren't very appetising looking anyway. I'll stick to the ones that come from the store.

Aunty Belle said...

Thar's somethin' satisfyin' about a roof that holds up. Be happy.

We'll miss ya BuzzK. But all good thangs come to an end' an' soon youse gonna have to face the rigors of blogger. Sorry, but thas' life.