Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Movie Clip Wednesday - Best Character Involved In A Non Traditional Gender Profession

That Movie Clip Wednesday dog tormentor, Boxer is too busy planning some kind of sadistic birthday abuse for her cute little 1-pound dog. So the lovely Joanna Cake again is performing the hostess duties she has become so good at doing. This MCW Meme has everyone picking a clip from their favorite movies based on a weekly theme while trying to keep the clip or clips to around 3 minutes long. She has decided this week's theme to be - Best Character Involved In A Non Traditional Gender Profession.

Well, there's only one thing I can say about that - stripper/welder.  I guess that's two things.   Until Flashdance dance came along in 1983, I always thought women in construction looked like Rosie the Riveter.  I didn't know they could weld a pipe to the deck, swing from it and then tidy up with a nice, on-stage shower.  That's why I got into the construction field.  Boy, was I misled.  Believe it or not, Gene Simmons was considered for the part of Nick Hurley (Jennifer Beal's love interest in the movie). That would have been creepy.

I have absolutely no idea what movies people will leave over at Joanna's so you might as well go over and check it out. 


moi said...

Oy to the vey, I hated this movie. But I understand why you like it.

And Gene Simmons doing anything is creepy.

Buzz Kill said...

Can't be helped, I was really drawing a blank on this theme. But come on, didn't you have at least one pair of those leg warmer socks? And I think Wheeler form role Models suumed up KISS the best:

I didn't know Jews
could sing like that.

No. No. They couldn't at the time.
That's why they had to dress like clowns.

This got them girls?

Get this! They've been getting
pussy nonstop for 30 years!

They're probably fucking right
now, and they're old dudes!

They put makeup on,
and it's all good!

No shit?

You pull the trigger of my...Love gun

You see, Ronnie?
His dick is the gun!

I love that scene.

Jenny said...

Hey! Coco weights 15 lbs but I forgive you because you picked FLASHDANCE. So iconic. I hated it too, but loved it for some many WRONG reasons.

Jenny said...

p.s. how do you feel about the new FOOTLOOSE coming out in October?

moi said...

Get this! They've been getting
pussy nonstop for 30 years!

In my opinion, this is one of life's Top Ten Head Scratching Mysteries. I wouldn't sleep with any of them if they were the last men on earth, waving Louboutins, Chanel, and Cheetos.

chickory said... the lobster eating scene. i die.

hard gig this week. I cant even think of one.

Jenny said...

Hey! You OK? You're kinda MIA and your state is under water?

Aunty Belle said...

If ya' ain't flooded, why ain't ya haikuin'?
it gits ya girls, ya know?