Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Movie Clip Wednesday - Best Love Story

That Movie Clip Wednesday work-a-holic, Boxer is too busy picking blackberries and making cake soup out of them. So the lovely Joanna Cake again is performing the hostess duties she has become so good at doing. This MCW Meme has everyone picking a clip from their favorite movies based on a weekly theme while trying to keep the clip or clips to around 3 minutes long. She has decided this week's theme to be - Best Love Story.

I'm a dude - what do I know about love stories. You might say to yourself (or out loud if you want to seem crazy), Buzz, aren't you married? Isn't there a love story there? My answers are yes and yes. But the love story is only interesting (barely) to the Mrs and me. Hence my dilemma in picking a movie about the best love story - BORING. It's only interesting to the people it's about - from the dude perspective.

So instead of going for "best" (because in my world that doesn't exist), I'm going for "quirkiest" because that semi holds my interest. What a build up, huh? Alright, settle down people. I went with an obscure (read independent) little movie from 2002 called Secretary. This is about a woman (fresh out of a mental institution - just the way I like them) who becomes a secretary for a lawyer. The sado-masochistic relationship that these two have is entertaining, creepy and most of all - interesting. Maggie Gyllenhaal plays the secretary and James Spader plays the lawyer (but I'm not sure he knows he's doing a movie). Gwyneth Paltrow was originally cast in the role of Lee Holloway (secretary). I wouldn't have mind seeing that. Here's the trailer because it's the only PG clip I could find.

A little too over-the-top? I think this movie may be one of my better selections for Miss Joanna. Now, put your hands on the desk... Did I say you could leave a comment?


Jenny said...

Cake soup is right. Uff-dah.

I loved this movie, love James Spader. This was just weird/quirky enough to hold my attention, but it was a rental not a movie I wanted to see in the theater. and yes, a little over the top, but it's your blog.

Did you feel the earthquake?

LẌ said...

Excellent choice!

moi said...

I kind of liked this movie even though I've never much been compelled to either the S or M side of things.

Anonymous said...

Definitely strange, I see it every now and then on Sundance and always stop to watch. Earthquake Smearthquake, I'm more worried about the hurricane.

Thanks, I thought so. Love stories (unless there's a lot of nudity - then they're porn) are just plain boring.

I could see you on the S side. In fact, I imagine it quite often. Bwahahaha


chickory said...

batten down the hatches. you lucky dog! secretary is a fine choice. quirky is generous. twisted more like it. happy MCT

Princess said...

Hi Buzz...

I hope Irene loses interest in coming ashore!

Just popped over to leave a gentle reminder link to my place for Haiku Monday

Maybe see you on Monday?

Buzz Kill said...

I'll be stowing all of the projectile lawn furniture tonight. Quircky,'s still a love story *awwww*

The weather guys seem pretty certain we're going to get hit. I'm inland enough that water won't be a problem, it's the high wind and trees I'm worried about.

I'll see what I can do with the haiku.

Aunty Belle said... quirky the new "yore mama woan let ya see this a'fore youse 55"?

At 70 MPH ya git a hideous mess that takes two days to clean up an' possibly a dump truck, a front end loader an' a crane. At 110 ya will have projectile lawn chairs--folks round heah jes' sink the patio furniture in the pool. (we doan have no patio or pool) One year a fella din't sink his stuff an' it went crashing through some French doors--three houses down the road. At 130 MPH, yore roof can levitate.

HJope ya miss all that fun an' have a borin' weekend BuzzK.

Joanna Cake said...

What a great choice,Buzz! I did enjoy this movie and I may even have done an HNT on the subject. Despite what one might think, it is indeed a love story! Well Done! x