Saturday, August 27, 2011

Welcome to Jersey - You Gotta Problem With That?

Well, Irene is almost here and this is the headline in Saturday's local paper. I love our governor.

We've taken in or tied down all of the outdoor projectiles and we're ready to see what this punk-ass storms got. I hope everyone fares well.


Sharon Rudd said...

Be safe, Buzz.

sparringK9 said...

i still remember the big hurricane that hit somewhere around 1965 (maybe it was Inez or Dora) in Orlando. I remember my parents sinking all the heavy wrought iron furniture in the pool. it was great fun watching the trees sway and bend and the amazing sheets of rain. after the storm, the pool was filled with dead creatures. frogs and birds and lizards. I cried. I hope it is a fun storm...meaning - a little drama, no real damage to your home or town or economy and lots of water for your garden. batten down buddy we will see ya on the flip side

Karl said...

Good evening Buzz Kill

I'm sure you prepared well. Boy Scouts are always prepared right? It's not a nightmare it's just another thing to do.

As far as people on the beach. Christie has the right attitude. And if they do go out don't expect anybody to come help them when they get in trouble.

Stay safe!

Aunty Belle said...

Is ya soaked? Wearin' a projectile through yore haid? Like the Dawg, I hope it were jes' enough drama to keep ya from bein' bored wif it, nuthin' truly dangerous. We need to hear from ya soonest--us nervous nellies of the blogosphere.

@ Karl
yea! Glad to see youse alive an' bloggin'--wondered if ya took yore boat off somewhar'.

wuz that Donna? Youse that ole pup? Gerhahahaha!

Buzz Kill said...

Turned out to be a heavy rain storm. We got 5" - 6" of rain, a lot of small branches and localized flooding in my area. Some of the main highways are temporarily closed because of flooding, but I expect that to clear ia few hours. We has one minor power spike but it wasn't even enough to trip off the clocks. I love the power utility in our area. In 20 years I don't think we ever lost power for more than 15 minutes.

The shore took the brunt of the storm and we'll have to see what high tide has in store for them tonight. I haven't heard that anyone was killed or that people had to be rescued, so I guess everyone listened to the governor.

Thanks you all for your concern.

Sharon Rudd said...

Good to hear from Karl, and glad you were skirted, Buzz. Irene is keeping a high-pressure front over us, and we are having an idyllic weekend with blue skies, low humidity, comfortable temps and a lovely breeze. Others, of course, not so lucky . . .

Buzz Kill said...

It'll take more than an out-of-control woman to get old Buzz (I hope the Mrs didn't hear that).

Anonymous said...

My dream ticket was Haley Barbour and Chris Christie. The Fat but COMPETENT ticket. Nice contrast with the Obamanation.