Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Movie Clip Wednesday - Movies on a Train

That Movie Clip Wednesday work-a-holic, Boxer is too busy...wait a minute, allow me to digress. I make sport of her from time to time because, well, there's a lot of material to work with. What she does to those poor dogs is borderline criminal. But she's had a tough year and she keeps up her blog, she's an aspiring artist, domestic traveler and overloaded business woman. So if she doesn't have time for her movie clip bastard child - well, it's understandable. She'll be back - eventually, oh she will be back.

So the lovely Joanna Cake again is performing the hostess duties she has become so practiced at doing. This MCW Meme has everyone picking a clip from their favorite movies based on a weekly theme while trying to keep the clip or clips to around 3 minutes long. She has decided this week's theme to be - Movies on a Train.

Old Buzz is going to take liberties with the theme (not again! - son-of-a...) and choose a movie that is not technically on a train but centers around a train. A train we don't actually see until the very end. I'm talking about The Bridge On the River Kwai (1957) starring Obi-Wan Guinness. I love this movie because of this scene. The instant Colonel Nicholson realizes the mistake he's made in helping the enemy is priceless. On the first take of this scene, the explosions on the bridge didn't detonate. The train crossed over safely, only to crash down a hill on the other side. Bwahahaha And Alec Guinness never saw the bridge blow. He had completed all his scenes and returned to England when the explosion was filmed.

Okay, okay, here's another clip that keeps with the theme - for about 20 seconds. This is the funniest scene in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Planes, trains,, just trains over at Joanna's. All aboard!


moi said...

Excellent! Oh Brother, Where Art Thou is one of my all time absolute hands down favorite movies and that's saying a lot because I absolutely hands down cannot stand George Clooney. But I like him as an actor. Happy MCW!

Karl said...

Good evening Buzz Kill,

the first scene was a great one, part of a great movie.

The second clip was the best laugh I've had in days. Thanks!

Had I played this week, this would be my clip:
For obvious reasons "Well ought to do it"

Happy clip day!

Jenny said...

Bless you Buzz. :-)

and (as usual) you picked two great movies. I've said this before, but OY! would you and Mr. Boxer have a great time talking about movies. When are you bringing the Mrs. out West? We have a free beach house waiting.

chickory said...

2 classics. well played Buzz!

Anonymous said...

Dang, I had Bridge Kwai on my list of old movies to see.

pam said...

I'm whistling the Bridge Over the River Kwai theme song now in honor of your choice! Love this one. We will watch it and in the William Holden scenes throw in some dialogue from Stalag 17. You know, like "Maybe he just wanted to steal the wirecutters" .... Just classic stuff. We do the same with Obe Wan dialogue (not that we remember that much) with Alec Guiness. And when not feeling great but have a job to accomplish, will bring out his dialogue about "Come on men, some of you aren't very injured, surely you can help out." Great GREAT movie. They don't make them like this any more.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you there. I'm not a Clooney fan either, but the dialog in this film is hysterical. The only other Clonney movie I like is From Dusk Till Dawn.

Understandable. I actually thought about using Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid too.

The Bridge On the River Kwai is a guy's movie, so it's not surprising Mr Boxer digs it. I'm taking the Mrs for another quick beach trip in September (anniversary) and then I'm done traveling for a while. The PNW will have to wait.

Sorry if I spoiled it for you. The movies only been out for 54 years. What's the statute of limitations?

Bridge and Stalag 17? Are you some kind of sadistic prison movie junkie? bwahahaha I'll bet you have Texas Chainsaw Massacer Sunday Dinner Theater at the Pam house. Bring the kids.

Colonel Nicholson: What have I done?


Joanna Cake said...

Im now going to have to watch Bridge Over the River Kwai to remind myself why he said 'What Have I Done?'

Loving that scene from Oh Brother too

You can go off-piste whenever you like, BuzzK x

pam said...

No prison movie junkie ... but William Holden stars in them both so we just switch his dialogue around. Confusing, I know, but never any horror movies.