Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dim Sum Sunday and Culinary Throwdown - Bacon and Pie

What the hell is he doing?  Bacon and Pie? Well, as you all know (or should know if you pay attention to me at all) is that time for me is a priceless commodity.  This week I had two different challenges thrown at me in the same week, took The Boy down to college and had to deal with earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes.  So, in other words, a normal schedule for me, except for the two cooking challenges - that threw me for a loop. 

On the one hand I have the Dim Sum Sunday Challenge - Pie hosted by Big Shamu over at he Karmic Kitchen.  On the other I have the Culinary Throwdown Challenge - Bacon sponsored by Intuitive Eggplant and hosted this week by Grumpy Granny.  So, you get why I combined the two.  And to further complicate things, I had zucchini in the refrigerator that I didn't want to waste (see where I'm going?). 

I found a recipe at for Zucchini Pie.  That takes care of the Dim Sum Sunday Challenge and the zucchini, but no bacon.  I read through the recipe and it was screaming (literally screaming) for some kind of salt - sweet.  I added a half pound of bacon to the Zucchini Pie and viola - Buzz Kill's Zucchini Bacon Pie.

Well that was way to wordy, but it's already there.  So here's what I did.  I started with all of this stuff.

Then I got the bacon going.  Hmmmmmm....bacon.

I sliced the onions and zucchini on my mandolin.  I love this thing.  I took the zucchini chips and cut them in quarters.

I cooked the bacon crispy and chopped it up.  Hmmmmmm....chopped bacon.

Mixed all of the ingredients together (well almost, I forgot the vegetable oil and as you can see - it's sitting right there in front of me) and poured it in to a greased, clay, 12" pie plate.  No crust necessary for this pie.

 I baked it 40 minutes (10 minutes longer than what the recipe called for) and it came out great.

I grilled some boneless pork chops on the old George Foreman grill (there was a hurricane outside at dinner time so no Weber) with a Jack Daniels dry rub. 

Consensus:  This came out really good.  I was afraid of the doneness, but I think it was just right.  The zucchini wasn't soggy and was actually had a little crunch to it, and the center of the pie was moist.  And you got the bacon and onion flavors.  I think the missing vegetable oil would have made it a little moister and less likely to stick to the pie plate.  It didn't stick much though.  The Pudge liked it and he normally isn't a zucchini/eggplant kind of guy.  The Mrs liked it too and pointed out that this was a quiche (son-of-a...).  I have leftovers and am looking forward to seeing how it tastes after a couple of days.


Big Shamu said...

That is GENIUS!! I love your mandolin, it's a great tool. I'm glad you went the savory route, I'm on sugar overload with my failure. I like your pork chops too, a whole pork theme.

Sorry about the dual challenges, didn't know. None the less, Happy Dim Sum Sunday!

moi said...

You're ALIVE!!!!!!!

Nice way to combine both challenges. I make a lot of these frittata-type pies in the summer, using whatever local produce pops up at the markets. They make a great dinner with salad and some bread and then next day as leftovers for lunch. What kind of cheese did you use?

We felt that earthquake up in the "sticks," too. It lasted approx. 15 seconds and wasn't nearly as strong as the one I felt at my house 12 years ago. But it took me all day to get out of the Philadelphia airport on Thursday. Q: What do you call a flight in or out of Philly that isn't late? A: Cancelled.

Buzz Kill said...

I just got that mandolin from a woman in my office that sells Pampered Chef stuff. She had 3 of them from sales incentives and gave me one. The thing works great.

And I wasn't going for a pork theme. The Mrs bought the chops and I had to use them or freeze them. My menus are mostly driven by expiration dates.

Frittatas! That's what I'm going to tell the Mrs it is (not quiche).

Concerning the earthquake, I think it depends where you were when it hit. People in buildings really felt it and people in on the ground not so much. The Pudge was at day camp and was in a row boat on the lake when it hit and din't feel a thing. He was really bummed.

Philly has the WORST airport in the country bar none. I avoid air travel like the plague specifically because of Philly. I hope you didn't check any bags because you'll wait at least a half hour and it will come up on the wrong carousel - every time.

Sharon Rudd said...

Way to multi-task, Buzz! I love a savory pie, and a mandoline! How cool that your co-worker gave you one.

Your zucchini pie is what I'm craving right now! Excellent job adjusting the ingredients and timing to expand on the recipe and keep it moist.

Your post reminds me I haven't made a tomato pie this summer :

Glad you and yours are safe and sound. And I know Grumpy Granny will be happy to have another entry for the Smackdow!

Dani said...

I got the same mandolin. love, love, love mine too.

I'm usually not a zucchini fan but I'd go for this.

Happy DSS!

MakingSpace said...

Hmmmm, bacon zucchini piiiiiiie... It looks really great. I love the practicality of your recipes. Very straightforward and full of flavor. Happy Dim Sum Sunday and best wishes for Battle Bacon!

LaDivaCucina said...

I didn't want to say anything about your bacon pie really being a quiche (as real men don't eat quiche! haha!) but it sho does look good! Well done! I just inherited a brand new mandolin from my uncle in Detroit. Have not used it yet, looking forward to using it in the new kitchen where I might, just might actually have a place to keep it. Glad you didn't see any water damage from the STORM OF THE CENTURY (according to WeatherChannel Chicken Little Cantore!)

Buzz Kill said...

Multi-tasking is the ONLY way I cook. Even though my co-worker gave me the mandlin - she still owes me. Tomato pie is something I've never made or eaten. Too late now because the garden is gone. I'll post over at Granny's when she does.

I like the way the blades change, although I've only used the straight blade.

I never have time to get fancy. One of these days...

That was immediaately what I thought of when she said quiche. I'm stuck in the 80s sometimes. I hope we get to see some shots of the new kitchen.

Anonymous said...


Is'e lustin' fer a mandoline now-- this pie / frittata is a keeper.

So hgappy the BK family survives an' thrives.


chickory said...

sounds great. whats to hate about quiche? Lorraine when done properly is a tender bacon infused pie with melt in your mouth crust. like moi said, pair it with a green salad in a tangy vinaigrette and you have a perfect meal. I know I would like your dish, i love zukes and learned to make an almost baked chip with sea salt. delicious! Well Done Buzz -is there a prize or anything?

Sharon Rudd said...

Hey, Buzz, Grumpy Granny is up with her host entry now at

And Chick9, the prize will be one of the fab new badges you designed!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Buzz, what a great entry! I love the idea of combining the bacon with the sweet mildness of the zucchini. And of course, pie! Thanks for participating in Battle Bacon AND Dim-Sum Sunday.

You rock!