Monday, October 24, 2011

Hiatus Report - Part 1.1

The other week I posted about the Mrs' and my trip to Grounds for Sculpture for our anniversary. I got a lot of good comments on the photos and decided to post a few more of what I liked.

The Mrs is a Monet fan and some of these sculptures were reminiscent of his work.  The couple and the boats are all part of the sculpture.

She really liked this one with all of the poppy plants on the hill.

Some of the landscaping was sculpture like.  I thought this pathway was cool. 

This was some kind of sea monster in one of the ponds.

This one was set in a thick grove of trees and bamboo.

The above sculpture was surrounded by these silhouettes in the bamboo for a pretty creepy affect. 

This is a sculpture of a table by the lake.

Another neat sculpture - that I talked too for a couple of minutes.

This was kind of a Stone Henge thing.  The Mrs liked the floating lilies.


moi said...

I like the zombies in the forest photo!

LaDivaCucina said...

I like how the sculptures are all so different from each other. Looks like you guys had a great time. I'm just amazed at how green everything still is!

If you ever get a chance...try to smell the water lily flowers, they are fragrant and amazing.

PS: I put up my kitchen photos today, Buzzy!

Sharon Rudd said...

So glad you posted more photos, Buzz. Fascinating sculptures, and that forest pathway is very cool.

BTW, I saw the comment you left on my blog. Yes, the Voltaggios did autograph my copy of their book. I did a separate post over at AllTopChef about meeting them and their demo at the festival:

chickory said...

I thought the landscape sculpture was best. the skinny tall treed path. Were you thinking about leaves when you saw them? grherhaha I laughed at the table by the lake sculpture - performance art - you eat the display.

Buzz Kill said...

Are you talking about the black silhouettes - or me (look again)?

This was mid-September and we've had record rainfall for the year, so yeah, everything is still green. That stone henge-like sculpture had 4 or 5 different colored water lilies around it and the Mrs sniffed them all. I had to hold her from falling in.

There were actually several tree-lined, cave-like pathways on the grounds, but this was the coolest one. I'll have to read your review on the Volt boys.

Bwahahaha The grounds are so well kept that there are very few leaves or branches on the ground to remind me of what I have in store for this month. I'll be on the roof tonight to clean gutters before the next rain storm comes.

The table and chairs is a complete sculpture made out of some sort of fiberglass or resin. Even the table cloth. None of it moves and there was some green mold growing on it. Nothing a power washer couldn't handle.

Jenny said...

I have to go with the figures in bamboo as my favorite. What a great place. We have a sculpture garden in Seattle that's fairly new, but it's urban and doesn't have the space your place seems to have. Nice post.

fishy said...
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fishy said...

What a great photo tour!
Does Mrs. Buzz realize she is blessed?

Buzz Kill said...

I would consider this place semi-urban in that it's just out side of Trenton. It's definitely a large parcel of land. It was donated by the man who made many of the sculptures, J. Seward Johnson who is supposedly part of the Johnson and Johnson empire.

Most times I don't know what's in the Mrs' head. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed this day.

Aunty Belle said...

Wow--that garden wuz extensive --an very very nifty. I'se charmed by the tree pathway--sculptural indeed.

Buzz? missed ya at Haiku Monday--an' I know youse the type to have a great spooky verse. Fishy took the laurels, but I hope youse gonna come play next week.

Thang is, on this anniversary date that had such a grand effect--how ya gonna top that? better git to plannin'.

Buzz Kill said...

Cool isn't it? The picture doesn't do it justice.

And yeah, I haven't been in a Haiku writing mood. Maybe next week.I'll check out Fishy's blog for the theme.

For our anniversary, we were suppose to go to a B&B in Cape May but couldn't work out the schedule. That will be my fallback plan for next year.

pam said...

I love this place! Would love to visit. My favorite is the poppies since I am more familiar with that painting. Love it! The table and chairs is just a hoot. What an interesting concept, bringing those paintings to life. ANyway, happy anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Buzzy! Have a great year :)

Buzz Kill said...

The poppy one was the Mrs' favorite and reminded her of this. She really is lucky to have me.