Monday, March 12, 2012

Haiku Monday - Circle

Hollywood Marshall.
Shooting from the hip gaiety.
Circle gets the square.

Davy Jones Tribute - I never knew they were on the Squares.


moi said...

Boy, he was cute. But his band mates were always in need of haircuts.

I was a game show freak as a kid and this was one of my faves. Well done haiku tribute!

Jenny said...

bwahahahahah. GREAT use of circle. I loved this show. What stuck with me was "From Speigel,Chicago, 60609". Like Moi, we were also game show geeks.I guess we never went outside in the summer? Gong Show (original) was my favorite along with Hollywood Squares and Match Game.

Buzz Kill said...

Yeah, me too. Let's Make a Deal, Hollywood Squares and Match Game were the best.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the Gong Show. Remember Gene Gene the Dancing Machine? Chuck Barris was a nut - Jersey Boy. You should watch Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Pretty funny (disturbing) stuff.

We also had a local (Philly area) game show called Bowling for Dollars. It was stupid - but I still watched it.

moi said...

The best thing about game shows is that they were a repository for the strangest B- and C-list "stars" to ever come down the pike. Who WERE all those people? What did they do to claim their fame? Long before the Internet magnified name and face recognition into the stratosphere, people like J. P. Morgan, JoAnn Pflug, Burt Convey, and Charles Nelson Reilly somehow, some way, had achieved some kind of fame. Totally bizarre.

Anonymous said...

Grrrherhahahahaha. Hilarious vingage schlocky stuff.

I think the middle line has 8 sounds however.

I list The Monkeys as under-rated. RIP Davy Jones.


David Jones changed his name to "Bowie" because of Davy Jones.

chickory said...

i loved this show. and who the hell was paul lynde? i mean, i never knew how he was "hollywood" they would always have phyllis diller too. crazytown!! great and fun haiku. and yeah -isnt it kind of edgy that the show had such a prominent flaming queen?