Friday, May 11, 2012

Boys Shouting* - Neckerchief Slide Conclusion

* - A nod to Gilda Radner's Roseanne Roseannadanna.  Anyone remember that sketch?  Well, I sure do.

Way back in January, I told you all about my quest to get the troop to Class "A" status with their uniforms by ensuring that all of the boys had neckerchief slides.  To that end I think I was successful, although, like most eveything I do, it turned into a much larger project than it should have been.

In addition to the troop, we hosted not one, but two Webelos Dens that were ready to "cross-over" to the Boy Scouts and were checking out our troop (boys age out of Webelos at 11 years old and have the option of choosing a boy scout troop in which to transfer or leaving the scouting program). 

Most of the scouts (the best I could hope for) were well behaved, attentive and brought interesting and unusual items to be made into neckerchief slides.  I had over 50 blank slides in black, green and brown (black being the favorite) that I had pre-made during the weeks leading to the neckerchief slide nights.  I say "nights" because of scheduling problems (on the part of the Webelo leaders) we actually had 3 neckerchief slide nights.  Here are some of the highlights.

Turns out that Mr. Kill was the only one to get burned with the hot glue gun.

A hamburger eraser with the scout's initials.  You could see that if this was any where close to in focus.  The Boy (now an Assistant Scout Master) was here this night taking the pictures, so I am blameless for these.

This was a popular slide.

I don't know what to say about the one on the left with the teddy bear.  The one on the right is some kind of video game symbol with guns, which was kind of cool.  One Webelo brought his grandfather's  lieutenant's bars.  We didn't let him use those.

I wasn't sure about a British Flag on an American Scout uniform.  The scout in question knew that Sir Baden Powell, founder of American Boy Scouts, was a lieutenant-general in the British Army.  How do I argue with that?

This is The Pudge's slide.  You may recognize the guitar pick from our concert a few years ago.  Several other scouts used guitar picks too.

Last but not least, Mr. Kill's slide.  Believe it or not, this is a stone from the Roman Colosseum that I "acquired" some 25 years ago on my one and only visit to Rome.  The boys thought that was pretty cool.


chickory said...

Im surprised a scout uniform could be so personalized! You are such a goodly bear to sheperd along these young cubs. As far as glue gun burns go - im sure Boxer and I know I - understand. Your rock probably is infused with the dust of gladiators and lions - not bad for an amulet type thing.

moi said...

What an inspired project! I have major Hot Wheel envy right now. And covet that Cheap Trick pick.

Jenny said...

ooh, nothing burns bad like a wad of hot liquid glue. My last project with small shells left it's mark.

What a creative thing and I have to say, it's nice to see what boys decide to do when being creative. The guitar pick is clever. As for that rock, I'm turning you in. :-)

Nice job!

Pam said...

I love these! Great idea and very crafty. And what else could you do with a rock from Rome anyway? We pick up rocks from places we visit too. How is the remodel going?

Sharon Rudd said...

Fascinating to see what the kids – and you – came up with! Good on ya for spearheading this.

Say, are you up for the next Smackdown? It’s Battle: Salad, which I’m thinking will be quicker (and involve less head-scratching) than our last couple. Hope you can fit it in. Details here:

Buzz Kill said...

The scouts do promote a certain amount of individuality and neckerchief slides are sort of a status thing. The cooler the slide - the cooler the scout. And I like to think my Roman rock was once kicked by - Spartacus.

The pick is one of the Pudge's prized possessions. See above for why he chose it.

It only burned a little. I'm sure 25 years exceeds the statute of limitations on stolen ancient artifacts.

It was a cheap souvenire. Sunday I'm renting a 24' truck to run to tax free Delaware to pick up 1100 SF of hardwood floor. That should be fun.

If you saw my last post, we're under construction. I won't have a functional kitchen for at least another month. I'll have to pass.