Thursday, May 3, 2012

Uh Oh, I think She's Serious


Aunty Belle said...

Hoo-whee, Buzzy, this looks serious! What's it to be? A play room? yore man-cave? A scout dorm?

I envy the Mrs. She managed to git her done. Aunty cain't git Uncle to first base on no additions (Yes, a library is a necessity fer mah mental health). Mebbe yore missus can teach me her charm school tricks?

chickory said...

oh boy!! caution: fun summer ahead!

Heff said...

Doin' a little summer construction mydamnself.

I'll peek in from time to time for progress reports.

Jenny said...

Holy Crap! You are in full remodel mode.

God Speed, Man.

fishy said...

I have noticed over the years when the the children start leaving home the Moms start remodeling. Often to make a house larger as the occupant count decreases. It's for sure some sort of nesting instinct. Is this going to be a room or a really great Porch?

Karl said...

Good evening buzz kill,

Yeah, I think you're right. Looks like she went for it. Hook, line and sinker. Please remind me what this space will turn into. It will be impressive what ever it is.

By the way, you couldn't knock that out in a couple of weekends? Just kidding.

pam said...

Buzzy! No wonder you've gone quiet. It will be worth it when its done! This is all kitchen remodeling, right? We want more photos as the work progresses!

Buzz Kill said...

This is serious as a heart attack because that's what I'm going to have when we get the final bill - which changes daily. The addition is going to expand the kitchen and the den. The kitchen expansion will give us a new eating area and the den expansion will be some kind of sitting area. That's all I know.

No charm school tricks here. She said she wanted an addition and that was that. For what this will end up costing, I wanted to look for another house. Over-ruled.

We're hoping this will be done by mid-June. They are making a lot of progress. The new flooring in the existing house will be the slow, dirty part.

We contracted this out but I can see a lot of work for me when they're done. Mostly landscaping. I'm sure I'll do some more posts on this.

God can't help me now.

The Mrs' reasoning is that the boys will be/are coming home with girlfriends/wives/grandkids and we need more room. Kind of flimsy if you ask me.

I was hoping this was all a menopausal phase. Bwahahaha

I'll have to show you pictures of the main beams these guys man-handled into place. There is no way I would ever attempt something like this.

There are many reasons I haven't been around - this only being one. The payback time on this is making me sick to my stomach. It'll be worth it for The Mrs - but not me.

The Mrs told me last week she wants to take down 2 more trees. That will be 6 for the year.

moi said...

Dang. That's not even my house and I feel sick. Hope you have lots of booze on hand. Or lithium.

Anonymous said...

Way behind..all of you.
Buzz Kill's Buzzkill is pretty " off".
You all knew LESLIE CARON was involved in OSIRIS?

LaDivaCucina said...

Uh oh is right!

I can't imagine doing a project as large as this, you wouldn't believe what I just went through (again) to get the damned balcony tiled and our master bath painted! I'm so sick of contractors being in my home!

What's the deal with the trees coming down? At least you have a lot of firewood for next winter....

I can (almost!) feel your pain! Good luck, Buzzy!

fishy said...

I agree with the Mrs, families do get larger when the boys come home as couples and do the multiplying thing.
This sounds like a commitment to stay put for all your days in this location. At least you are getting this done now while there is still plenty of time to pay the piper before retiring. That is if there is such a thing as retirement in your future. Some of us will need to work til we drop.

After the Kitchen-Den expansion will you need to construct a new deck?

Buzz Kill said...

We do have lots of booze, but it's piled in a corner of the dining room that I can't get to. I do have access to sme beer.

The last tree The Mrs took down we had them cart the wood away. I have no room for it and it kills me to waste it like that. And she wants to take down 2 more big trees. That's why my stomach hurts all the time.

We had roofers fire up 2 compressors at 7:15 Saturday morning and they went until 3:00PM. The neighbors must love us.

We will never be able to move or recover more than maybe 50% of the cost (whatever that is because at this point, we've made so many changes, I really don't know). I figure this will set my retirement back at least 3 years. The deck gets re-attached to the new addition within the scope of this project. They're suppose to build 2 sets of stairs too.

Big Shamu said...

That's just wrong about the trees. What the heck will the dogs pee on?