Monday, April 27, 2009



h said...

I thought about going this route, but you found better pics than I did. The old ones are classic.

happy Mute Monday!

Jenny said...

you guys REALLY do think cleaning is sexy don't you?

Pffffttt. Boys. :-)

Great pics and a clever way to go. Happy MM!

Bear said...

The 'French Maid', in that outfit, did they ever really exist outside of men's fantasies?

Happy MM

Buzz Kill said...


Glad we didn't copy each other, that would have been awkward.


A woman who cleans and cooks is sexy! This from a guy whose wife does neither well.


They're not a myth like the Loch Ness Monster. Of course they exist - I've got pictures!

Heather Cherry said...

Ah, Elvgren. My favorite pin-up artist. Happy MM!

moi said...

Love the pin ups! I also enjoy cooking and cleaning. Only while I'm doing so? One of the few times I DON'T wear high heels. Happy, happy!

Kiki said...

Love the pin-ups, always a favorite of mine. I think anyone that can cook is sexy.

Buzz Kill said...


Pin-up art is very erotic - to me. And Gil Elvgren was one of the best.


I'd like to see that.


I cook.

Vixen said...

You found some great images, we went a similar direction. :)

Happy Monday!

Nan-Nan said...

Hey Buzzy,

Most maids I've seen don't resemble any of the pictures...nor do they tote around the ever popular feather duster like Tinkerbell's magic wand. But what a great outfit, huh?! Ahhhh well. Cute photos! Happy MM.

Pam said...

Totally missed your MM entry .... should have known some guy would think up the french maid thing! :)

h said...

I'll be issuing a CULINARY CHALLENGE on Tuesday. Do YOU have the stones to enter TROLL KITCHEN?


Anonymous said...

from which movie the captured picture is?

Anonymous said...

talking about JA