Sunday, October 25, 2009


Buzz Kill's Disclaimer: Buzz Kill and it's subsidiaries do not like nor do they endorse Budweiser or Bud Light. We drink it only when there is absolutely nothing else (like at ball games or while Trick-or-Treating with the kids). That said, Bud Light (and technically Budweiser for the 1st one) has the funniest commercials EVER MADE (if you're a guy) and are what all TV advertising should look like. These are the best of the best - so enjoy.


Jenny said...

This Bud's for you! See, I don't even drink beer and I know the commercial. They did their job. Very clever to post ads and I have to agree, Bud has earned a reputation for funny commericals (and crappy beer!) Happy Mute Monday. (p.s. love you Dim Sum Sunday too.)

Doom said...

Darn it, my headset doesn't work on my old computer and my new one is broken. I have a headset that does work, but it is packed and I am further preparing for a second move in a few days. I do know though, if I want to give myself the rights to giggle like a girl, I watch Bud commercials. They know men inside... well, from the outside anyway. Bah, I will figure something out...

Boxer, I love Bud. I have some German and Belgian, but Bud is my standard. It is not crappy, some people just don't like lagers (pilsners, really). Some don't like their steak OR beer burned. :p

Happy Mute Monday!

pam said...

Oh classic stuff! I can drink Bud Light if I have to, give me Bud over Coors any day. How you doin?

Aunty Belle said...

howling hilarious!

ya know these folks KNOW them commercials ain't really gonna make it to prime time, but the you tubein' prolly sells oceans of the stuff.

I did giggle...

wait: Doom, is ya a bigoted, gender insensitive boor? Whaddya' MEAN, "giggle like a girl"? Whas' WRONG wif' dat? ( jes' a joke from a very UN-PC Aunty)

Happy MM!

fishy said...

Clydesdales, clydesdales, clydesdales! My only association with Budweiser until this morning!
Years ago my brother taught me the name stands for:

Because U Deserve What Every Individual Should
Enjoy Regularly.

I wonder if Budweiser agrees with him? Entertaining post as always Buzz. Hope your Monday is a good one.

h said...

I've always thought Bud was crisp and refreshing. And that Bud Light tastes better than other light beers because it has drinkability. Most importantly, drinking it can cause hot bikini-clad wimmin to swarm me.

Happy Mute Monday!

Kymical Reactions said...

No Budweiser commercial will ever replace the love in my heart for the frogs. Bud. Bud. weis. Bud. Weis. Errrrrrr. Excellent as always! Happy MM!

moi said...

I will have to respectfully disagree with some of y'all on the taste of Budweiser, light or not. To Moi, it is like zee pee pee. Yew. But their commercials rocked and Spuds was the best advertising bulldawg evah! Happy Mute Monday!

Karl said...

Buzz Kill howz you do'n,

I use to know a bar in Linden, sounded exactly like that, when you walk in.

These were great, thanks for the laugh!

Buzz Kill said...

These are my favorite commercials with most of them being super bowl releases.

I'm not your IT guy. You have to work it out for yourself. Bud doesn't taste bad, I've just had some of the worst hangovers and cases of the runs from Bud. So I try to stear clear.

You don't wanna know.

I'm sure your right about the YouTube market. I'm a prime example and I got all of you to watch too.

I never heard that. Don't necessarily agree with it, but I just learned something new.

I don't know about the hot bikini-clad woman but my kids sure do swarm when I'm drinking. They're looking for money.

Frogs, I have to say ehh. Threy were cute, not funny.

Spuds is the same as the frogs to me.

Every bar in North Jersey sounds like that. That's why it's so funny - to me.

Ree said...

Yea, the beer kinda sucks, but the ads are great!

happy mute monday Buzz.

MinorityReport said...

Great choices. :) Happy belated MM!