Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oh, My Back - 23" of snow, are you kidding me?

We were pounded with snow over the weekend and had over 23" on the ground. I have a snow blower and did my walks 3 different times to keep up with it. I also did 3 neighbor's walks including their double-wide driveways. The snow blower really got a workout. The muffler came off so it was kind of loud but still worked. Another thing for the to-do list.

Here are some pictures (mostly taken from inside).

This is the outside Christmas tree at night. I hosed up this picture.

The pudge made a snowman out on the rear deck. He used left over (from the summer) water balloons for the buttons and eyes.


Big Shamu said...

Those photos are starting to look very familiar. You are a good man to snow blow that much, muffler or not.

Merry Post Christmas Buzz.

moi said...

Happy post Christmas, Buzz! I hope you enjoyed lots of fortified egg nog after your mighty clean up effort!

Pam said...

Yikes, I don't envy you that much snow. Did you have storm conditions with it? We got a record 14" here and it was gawd-awful.

LaDivaCucina said...

Snow like that is only good when you are a kid and can go sledding and make snow forts. Do your kids make those? We used to pile up all the snow from the yard, pack it down, dig it out and then cover it with water so it would freeze like an igloo. Who knew it would all melt in a day or two?

Dani said...

You're a good man Buzz. I bet the neighbors were quite thankful. Happy few days after Christmas. :)

AL (the lecturer) GORE said...

Your snow-blower is causing global warming and you should be ashamed.

Making Space said...

Wowthatsalotasnow.... it looks lovely from my spot in the tropics...

Buzz Kill said...

Thanks. The neighbors are elderly and I'd rather pick the snow up off their driveways then them. I tore down the snow blower yesterday and it turns out I lost one of the screws from the muffler. I offered the monsters $10 to find it. That'll keep them busy for a while - until I can get to the hardware store.

No eggnog this year. I never got to the store to buy it. I did get the Mrs some Baileys for Christmas, so I may sneek some of that.

Yeah, it was considered a blizard. I dodn't know hwat the snow fall rate was, but I went out 3 different times to clear the walks just to keep up with it.

They didn't do snow forts this time but did do a lot of sledding. They were hoping to do some more this week (they're off from school) but we had so much rain over the weekend (2") that it's all gone.

Yeah, especially my next door neighbor. Her husband just had by-pass surgery a few months ago and she was thankful I got out there before he did.

With the muffler off, it was causing noise pollution too. Every little bit helps.

Making Space
This is the 1st significant snow we've had in years, so I can't complain. I'd rather deal with the snow then sand in my bathing suit.

Jenny said...

Wow, that's a lotta snow. I love the pictures, especially the one you "hosed". I haven't heard that word in some time and I forgot what a great one it is. When it snows in Seattle, everyone freaks out and we're never prepared. What I DO like about snow is it's a time when kindness does come out.... like blowing the snow off your neighbors walkway.

Karl said...

Good evening Buzz Kill,

Forget the muffler. Just get a new header with the long straight pipe. The kids will think it's neat and you won't have to clear snow any longer.

Hope you enjoyed some of the holiday weekend!

Ataboy, on covering the neighbors.

fishy said...

Hey Buzz,
Happy New Year. Looks like it snowed all over your outdoor Christmas decorations. I just love all that Christmas spirit you have shared, tree, village, outdoor tree .... you've got some joy showing! Kudos to your kids for making such a jolly, friendly looking snowman.

Great neighbors are a blessing! I have some special ones and really Buzz, I am sure your neighbors think this of you.

During our holiday travels Blowfish and I went up and over the Great Smokey Mountains, even thru the high elevation National park and WOW! what spectacular images. Pristine snow, icicles taller than my house, frozen waterfalls .... just breathtaking. Blowfish's commentary was mostly about gratitude it wasn't his to shovel :-) I loved it but certainly noticed it takes longer to get from a to b when the rate of travel is 15mph.

sparringK9 said...

wow. and i was all impressed with my little flurries this morning. ha! youre a champion to do the neighbors. happy new year!!

Kymical Reactions said...

Buzzy: Come over for my funny photos from the OKC Christmas Blizzard. Hilarity.

Allison said...

Happy New Year, Buzz!

I hope you will join the leek challenge this week!!

Big Shamu said...

Three more inches for us last night, maybe another half inch on top of all the snow that didn't melt from Christmas. More snow expected Wednesday.