Sunday, December 6, 2009



h said...

Ha! It works on me, I guess. I'd pay more attention to those signs than straight-forward ones.

Happy Mute Monday!

pam said...

Too funny. I figured you would go with reverse psychology. I tried to find a few images but wasn't having much luck, you did very well with it!!!! Happy MM! (Steve Buscemi is always great)

Jenny said...

bwahahahahaahah. Yes, the best to get a kid to do something is to tell them NOT to do something. Last picture? Too bad it's the same for adults. :-) Happy MM!

Kymical Reactions said...

brilliant, Buzz. I have always loved those Bugs and Daffy cartoons. Happy MM!

Unknown said...

Reverse psychology, great choices! Happy Mute Monday. :D

moi said...

I live most of my life this way. Have a Crappy Monday! :o)

ANNA-LYS said...

ha ha ha Humour Psychology, makes everyone feel alive!

Happy MM!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Buzz Kill,

That last one makes me laugh so hard it hurts.

Happy Mute Monday!

Buzz Kill said...

That's what I do with my kids.

After I came up with the idea, I had to look pretty hard to find what I did.

I think the whole "rabbit season/duck season" is the quintessential reverse psychology. I love that cartoon.


Unfortunately, I had a great day.

Glad you feel alive. Better than the alternative.

That last one makes my wallet hurt.

Anonymous said...


The real psych here is funny marketing. Industrial psych.

I missed MM on account of stuff happens, but got a chicle wif' mah late visit to ya'.

Happy belated MM

MinorityReport said...

I love the t-shirt you found. Happy belated. :)