Saturday, November 28, 2009



LaDivaCucina said...

Hey Buzz, I sure do hope you are feeling better. Happy Thanksgiving!

fishy said...

You came close to blogger jinx with me. I loved the movie Somewhere in Time. As a kid, I adored the concepts of the novel Time Machine and of course there was Gulliver's Travels which every imaginative kid found entrancing. Great choices, have a great Monday.

moi said...

Buckaroo Banzai is one of my favorite movies of all time! That theme – such a compelling ditty. And John Lithgow was terrific. "It's not my goddamn planet, understand, monkey boy?" Bwahahahahah! I have to make a point to rent it sometimes soon. Great coverage and I hope you're feeling better and managed to enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Jenny said...

Time travel is one of those ideas that has mesmorized many throughout time. I also loved "Somewhere in Time" and I always coming over here for Mute Monday to see what you've created. I've never seen Buckaroo Banzai but on Moi's comment, I think I'm going to watch it.

Happy MM!

h said...

I'll be baaaaaaaaaaaack!

Happy MM!

pam said...

Fantastic idea, as always you go somewhere unexpected! Did you do "The Time Traveler's Wife" because I didn't see the movie (but tried to read the book) ... there is also a great book series called The Outlander (methinks), set with a modern heroine in ancient Scotland. Happy MM!

sparringK9 said...

man, if a flux capacitor runs on vegetation imagine what it would do with chicken S**T! hey Obammy! It's GREEN! grrrrrhahahaha

happy MM!

Unknown said...

Buckaroo Banzai!!! All time favorite movie. :DDD

What about that cheesie film, Jumper?

Great MM post. ^_^;

Aunty Belle said...

OF course!! How very BuzzK-ish!

As always, ya has such a clevah take. I gotta check out that hoopla over this Buckaroo Banzai thang.

Happy MM!

ANNA-LYS said...

Love Your take on the subject "Travel".

I think humans always have been time-travelers.
Through our creative memory, we can go back and forth, not only at the present time, but also forward into the future by our capacity to imagine thing not get seen or experienced. I think Einstein was a superb time-traveler ... but, everything is relative ;-)

ANNA-LYS said...

Oh forgot,
Happy MM (love those candies as well)

Buzz Kill said...

Thanks, I'm back to work today.

Hate to admit it but I liked Somewhere in Time too. Jane Seymore was hot back then.

Buckaroo Bonzai is definitely worth watching (again). For a low budget Sci-Fi, its really good. John Lithgow really makes the movie.

I really wanted to find a pic of Arnold during the time travel (with all the lightning bolts) but struck out.

When you said The Time Traveler's Wife I thought you were talking about The Astronaut's Wife with Depp and Theron - I don't know why. No I haven't seen this movie. The other movie your thinking of is Highlander with Christopher Lambert and Sean Conery. It was the best movie ever made - according to Ricky Bobby.

When I was doing my search, I was amazed that you can get a T-shirt with a flux capacitor on it. And there were a lot of different variations of the shirt. Nerds!

I just saw Jumper on TV this week. What a confusing mess that was. I'll take Buckaroo Bonzai any day.

I think time travel has always fascinated people. Especially travel into the past to either undo what you did or get lottery numbers. Ummm, what candies?

MinorityReport said...

Great take on the theme. :) Happy MM!

Vixen said...

Hehe....Dr Evil. Good pics! Loved what you did with the theme. :)

fishy said...

Buzz, did you read the book/see the movie Timeline? If not, definitely read the book first.

Buzz Kill said...


I have neither read nor seen Timeline. Sounds like effort.

LaDivaCucina said...

For some reason Buckaroo Banzai has been on cable a lot lately. Ive watched it again and I used to LOOOVE that movie. In fact, that's where I first used "monkey boy" and quickly adapted it to my repertoire of names for annoying waiters who bugged me when I was bartending!

"hey, monkey boy, your flaming mo's are up!"

Oh yeah, don't forget about the culinary throwdown....(if you feel better!)

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