Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday - Most Overrated Movie

Boxer continues tormenting her dogs and has apparently started hanging around dumpsters (weird, huh). But it's the Milk River Madman that continues to take up the mantle that is Movie Clip Wednesday, the Meme where everyone picks a clip from their favorite movies based on a weekly theme and tries to keep the clip or clips to around 3 minutes long. This week's theme is MOST OVERRATED MOVIE. This was actually easy for me to pick because I've discussed this at length with friends (not on this blog) that I never understood the appeal of this movie.

I will back-track a second and say that my very first thought on this theme was Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. I like Kubrick. Full Metal Jacket is one of my favorites. But this...the monolith, HAL, monkeys, something wonderful, blah, blah, blah. I didn't get it and could never sit through the whole thing. It was SO BORING. But this wasn't the movie I picked.

The movie I picked is 1983's Scarface. As of this writing, this is IMDB's #157 most popular movie. And if you ask any gangsta rapper (and we all know a few, right?) they'll tell you it's their all-time favorite movie. Al Pacino, Frank Logia and F. Murray Abraham as Cuban/Central American drug lords - Really? The accents are horrible and the dialogue atrocious. Oliver Stone wrote this thing and Brian DePalma directed it. The only redeeming scene in this movie is - the shower scene (and I'm not talking about Dressed to Kill either - also Brian DePalma). So here you go:

So this is another theme that will not be real pleasant to watch, but go see what else is going on at the Madman's anyway.


sparringK9 said...

and michelle pfiffer is awful in it too. its horrible but culturally it has a one of the biggest lines of all time which you posted. only the you tuber got it wrong it is

say hello to my little fren

the shower scene with the columbians is memorable as well as the laughable line to follow: "chi chi -get the yayo!"

good choice! happy MCW

sparringK9 said...

and yes 2001 is so freaking boring you could use it as Ambien.

Princess said...

Tried watching this once... Coudn't handle the crappy accents. Very disapointing. I'm with K9 on 2001 too. "Eyes Wide Shut" another overrated exercise in boredom (Oh god did i just admit to having sat through that piece of kubrik crappola?) Happy MCW Karl....

Milk River Madman said...

I've never watched this movie. I've tried but it just doesn't do it for me.I agree 100% on the accents. They were crap. You are the only person I know who is agreement with me. Everyone else thinks its a classic.

Joanna Cake said...

I rather agree. I enjoyed the film at the time but I don't really remember much of it - except that it was particularly violent - which means that, in my eyes, it's over rated if people go on about it.

Aunty Belle said...

Good choice--who really liked this? 7th grade entertainment.

I ain't a big Kubrick fan.

Happy MCW

sparringK9 said...

kubrick directed the shining. it redeems him big time. its elegant and a horror masterpiece. so dont be dissin on stanley.

Karl said...

Good morning Buzz Kill,

I've seen parts of this, never the whole movie. Channel surfing while sitting in a hotel room it just didn't catch me.

I agree on 2001. The first time I saw it, I walked out scratching my head thinking, what the heck was that. I saw again later with more mature eyes and felt the same way.

Happy clip day.

Anonymous said...

Tis over-rated and that "say hello to my little fren" line is over-quoted.

They said on the news that Philly sells out it's home BASEBALL games. Is that true or a trick?

moi said...

Seen it, hated it (but loved Michelle Pfeiffer's ice princess elan), but on occasion I'll use a line from it because the movie is etched in our cultural consciousness, for better or for worse. Still, Brian de Palma has made much better movies, Blow Out for one, and Dressed to Kill, one of the most stylish thrillers in all of modern cinema, for another. Even Body Double was better than this.

And, let's face it. Al Pacino is just not all that.

Pam said...

Hated it. Never made it all the way through either. Because I hated it. And I usually like Al Pacino, except when he is doing his Godfather impersonations.

Jenny said...

Hated it. I have nothing to add after your post and K9's comment. bwahahahahahah.

Happy MCW. I thought it was Christmas movie and then realized I'm a week off.

Buzz Kill said...

How can a top 100 movie line be so mush-mouthed that it's rendered almost unintelligable? I'm not even sure of the whole storyline because I was so fixated on the accents. Just awful. 2001 was the first Kubrick movie I ever saw (I saw A Clockwork Orange much later) and was really dissappointed. Then came Full Metal Jacket and all was right with the world.

There's no real middle ground with Kubrick.

Pacino just could not convince me he was a Cuban and it was really distracting. It's mostly your rapper buddies that love this thing. And I think that's because it really glamorizes the drug trade because it can't be because of the writing or directing.

Yeah, the shower scenne is probably one of the most violent movies scenes ever recorded. But that's not enough for me.

It's almost a B movie with the stereo types and predictable lame plot.

Chicky (again)
Here's Johnny!

Some movies get better as the viewer matures. 2001 isn't one of those movies.

that line is just convenient for a lot of situations where you would need to quote a movie. But I've never needed to quote this movie.

Citizen's Bank Park holds 45,000 and they have sold out 123 consecutive games and are continuing into the 2011 season. The Mrs gets me a sixpack of tickets every year, but they may be really hard to come by this year with the addition of Cliff Lee. It will be an exciting team this year.

I had to look up elan. bwahahaha I thought Pfeiffer was just furniture in this movie. Agree with you on Dressed to Kill.

Pacino was grossly miscast for this role. Edward James Olmos would have been a better choice.

It's the most wonderful time of the week.

Heff said...

I've never seen it, but that one scene is LEGENDARY.

Kinda shocked that it's considered overrated.

Buzz Kill said...

A bad B movie at best. Donnie Brasco and The King of New York were better drug lord movies.

LaDivaCucina said...

"Joo know what a hassa ees, Frank?"

"Say hello to ma leetle friend!"

"Chor womb ees polluted."

C'mon, what great lines, Buzz! Of course, I loved this movie, it cracks me up. I guess I don't take movies as seriously as you guys do.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours, Buzzkill. Hope you don't have to do all the cooking AND the dishes! xo

Aunty Belle said...

someday--time permittin'__ I'se gonna come over heah an regale ya wif a good St Peter at the Gate joke--nobody gits how funny they is but us Cathlicks.

wow--a lot of "fren" talk at Boxie's

Jenny said...

Oh Buzz? Could you visit my blog when you have a moment?