Monday, March 14, 2011

Haiku Monday - Pulchritude

White wheat thunderhead.
Cloudy cascade of brilliance.
Farmhouse Summer Ale.


moi said...

Heh. Way to suck up to the judge :o)

I'm in awe of people who know and can drink beer. If I have one, it's usually a Corona with lime on a raging hot day. I also like Belgian ales and German k├Âlsch(es). And there's something Czech I like, too. Regardless, though, I'm only usually ever good for about a half a glass.

fishy said...

Was that a fish skeleton I spied?

Glad to see you haven't been washed away by the floods. Tough times in your state; a good time to drink beer.

Jenny said...

dang, I could have gone with vodka. :-) Nice job on the dim sum too.

Anonymous said...

There's a whole website devoted to beer haiku. But you probably knew that.


Milk River Madman said...

Love the bottle cap. Sometimes poster at my place, The Prodigy, opened his own microbrewery and it's doing quite well. I'll be down there in April for a full report. I'd link you to his website but he doesn't have it running yet. I'll talk to hime about that.

darkfoam said...

a man after my own heart .. :)

here's a haiku i wrote 0ctober 2009

a fall day darkens
soothing langour is embraced
a cool beer beckons

i have at least a couple others on beer, but couldn't find them.

sparringK9 said...

suck suck suck! ive seen kittens milk a mother less. grrherhahaha

oh geez, i wonder what haiku to write for FOAM the judge?

actually, i like this haiku. a lot. but i hate wheat beers. i hate beery beers. Im like moi. corona. maybe even corona light. and mostly to wash down tequila.

happy HM.

my entry is here

Buzz Kill said...

Believe what you want, the reason I chose this subject is because I just got an email from the brewery telling me that the Farmhouse Summer Ale was in the stores. I look forward to that every year because this is the best beer they make. They also make a really good Belgian Abbey Dubbel too.

Yes it was. The Flying Fish logo.

Most of the rain (although we got 4") went to North Jersey and Eastern PA, so we're OK.

It is a theme about beauty.

No I actually didn't know that, but it makes sense.

Then your buddy may have heard of Flying Fish. They were the first "virtual" brewery in that they established a website, logo and brewing recipes well before they produced their first bottle. And their only a few miles from my house.

Now that's way better than mine. Sometimes I just can't find the words. And I was not, I repeat, not sucking up.

This only has about 7% wheat in it, It's mostly Belgian two-row pale malt to make a nice ale.

Gratuitous Pandering: Flying Fish Brewing Co.

And now - a joke:

A man is sitting at home on the verandah with his wife and he says, "I love you."

She asks, "Is that you or the beer talking?"

He replies, "It's me............. talking to the beer."

Aunty Belle said...

whata brown-noser. Gheee. But good Haiku!