Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Movie Clip Wednesday - Best Garden Scene

That Movie Clip Wednesday Blog Summit traveler, Boxer is still detoxing from her New Mexico road trip and I'm finally back after a 2 week (12 days too long) hiatus on the kid's vacation. And the lovely Joanna Cake again performed the hostess duties in the face of dwindling participation. Well fear not Joanna - I'm back. This MCW Meme has everyone picking a clip from their favorite movies based on a weekly theme while trying to keep the clip or clips to around 3 minutes long. She has declared this week's theme to be - Best Garden Scene.

The themes are getting narrower and narrower, requiring much thought and movie memory (both of which are in short supply for me as I get older) - I like it though. So what constitutes a garden? A cotton field like the one in Places in the Heart or a cornfield like in Field of Dreams? Maybe a non-traditional garden such as a cemetery in Gardens of Stone or the infamous human garden in Motel Hell (I almost went with that but it's not for the squeamish)? Karl's Victory Garden PBS educational film (I'm sure there's some kind of espionage going on in there)?

No, I went with the more traditional backyard garden. The infamous Italian garden where basil and tomatoes grow - and the Godfather dies. Coppala's directing of this scene is outstanding, especially the end where Don Vito drops over in the background and grandson Anthony continues playing in the foreground. I always thought it was funny that in this scene, Vito takes the bug sprayer away from Anthony and puts it right next to the food. If he didn't die in this scene, he would have kicked a couple of days later from DDT. This scene also features the Godfather Orange Theory where someone dies in any scene that features oranges.

So, What's the gardeners favorite movie? War and Peas. No? How about a gardening quip from Rodney Dangerfield: My wife's a water sign. I'm an earth sign. Together we make mud.

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Jenny said...

First, welcome back! Are you going to do a Vacation post? Second, perfect scene. One of my favorites. Odd and yet.... perfect. Happy MCW. It sounds interesting... how do you play this? (hee?)

moi said...

Until someone makes a movie about Eve flipping Adam the bird, packing her snake and her apple in her Gucci bag, and bartering God for the deed to Paradise, well, this will just have to stand as the greatest garden scene ever filmed.

Aunty Belle said...

There are so many fantastic GODFATHER (I, II & III) scenes that ya could throw a dart an' git a good one--fabulous deep meaning scenes fer them wif' ears to hear. about this from GF III
Archbishop Gilday: "It seems in today's world the power to absolve debt is greater than the power of forgiveness."

I'se up at Ether Capacious.

Happy MCW!

Buzz Kill said...

Yes, I paln to post on the kid's vacation. It just may take me a little while. One of these days, you'll come'll come back.

You ever think about becoming a director? This was the scene I had in mind all along when I suggested this theme.

I think there are several descent garden scenes in the trilogy, although I never really liked GF III all that much. Too much religion for me.

Aunty Belle said...

BuzzK--hee that a Freudian slip or a very cleveah pun?
( descent garden scenes)

Karl said...

Good morning buzz kill,

Good scene fits the topic well. With the amount of chemical leaking out the end of that sprayer it could've been what kill him.

I know what you mean about memory being in short supply. I blanked on this one. Plus by the time I got in yesterday I was too tired to type much less think.

Enjoy your day.

sparringK9 said...

a great scene and a good death the for Godfather. and I loved that line from back to school - also the one about his wife wanting so show everyone her Klimt. grrrrherhahahahaha

It is getting harder with the movies...its harder still to find CLIPS that are short and what you want.

re: your comment about the kids vacation...I always think that when I see kids running around having fun and the Daddy standing there like a pack mule holding camera bags and shopping bags and doling out money.

Happy MCW!

Buzz Kill said...

No, just a misspelling.

I remember those old spray cans and it's a wonder we're not all deformed or brain damaged. And excuses are like assholes, everybody's got one. Bwahahaha

You know, I remember hearing that line before, but forgot where.

Trendy Man: Mr. Melon, your wife was just showing us her Klimt.
Thornton Melon: You too, huh? She's shown it to everybody.
Trendy Man: Well, she's very proud of it.
Thornton Melon: I'm proud of mine too. I don't go waving it around at parties, though.
Trendy Man: It's an exceptional painting.
Thornton Melon: Oh, the painting.

I wish I knew hoooow to rip my own clips because I do a lot of settling for clips I show based on what I can find rather than what I really want. And I hope to eventually post of the vacation. i'm the only one I know that goes on vacation and loses weight.

Joanna Cake said...

Sorry Im late to visit, Buzz! I loved this choice, I had quite forgotten how Don Vito dies and it seems so inappropriate and yet so right.

Like everyone else, I was horrified by the bug spray, I kept wanting to take it away from Anthony!

LaDivaCucina said...

Bwahahahaha on losing weight on vacation and the Klimt joke, too funny! Welcome back, Buzzy, seems like many of us holidayed at the same time. It's nice to come back home, isn't it? Glad you are going to be in the eggplant challenge, good luck!

Been trying to think of garden scenes....all that comes to my mind is Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil but don't even remember that movie that much! (or if there was really a garden! ha!)

Aunty Belle said...

jes a shameless advert fer Haiku Monday--which be at Moi's this week. Hope ya will come over to play. (but she's only showin' her Klimt, no pillow fight clips.