Friday, May 25, 2012

The Big Hole in the Side of My House

These pictures were taken 2 weeks ago.  They've knocked 2 large pass-thrus in the outside wall now that the addition is fully enclosed. 

This is the larger of the two openings from the den.

Here you can see both openings.  Those laminated beams above the openings probably weigh over 500 pounds each.  The contractor's crew muscled them into position.  You can also see the duct work and piping that goes up to the bedroom.

The new addition has a shed roof with a slightly vaulted ceiling.

Outside with windows and doors in.

The addition from the Tree House Cam.  You can see all of the roofing is in.  30 year architectural shingles - they look good.


Karl said...

Good evening Buzz Kill,

I realize you'll be working at coal mine forever to pay for it. However they tied it in well. It's big enough you could put in a sound system and do ballroom dancing.

What's the view out of the back windows? It looks like woods.

Pam said...

It is going to be fabulous! You will love it and .... happy wife, happy life. :) Really coming along!

fishy said...

Hey Buzz,
It actually sounds like you are liking this addition. Has the Mrs. told you yet the new furnishings cost more tnan I-beams???

moi said...

I must say, it looks pretty seamless and like an organized, clean construction site.

We're replacing the carpet in the guest bedrooms and the hallway at the back part of the house this week (the rest of the flooring is stained concrete and tile) and are spending this holiday weekend moving things out. Next month, new guest bath. So I guess if you can deal with your addition with stoic resignation, I can quit being such a baby about my situation.

Looking forward to seeing what it looks like when completed, but I'll echo Fishy. We just spent the children we never had's college fund on a new sofa and a chair.

Sharon Rudd said...

It looks pretty sweet, and I’m glad you’re not doing all this work yourself! And all this makes sense for soon-to-be empty-nesters, why? Oh, yeah. Because the Mrs. says so :)

Hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend, and would love to see you return to the Smackdown – Battle: Salad. You have been missed.

Buzz Kill said...

We have a view of some woods, a small creek (actually a storm water run-off that always flows) and the back of the neighbor's houses. The windows were more for light than view. And I will not be retiring - in my lifetime.

You know this is entirely about The Mrs and her notion of what success is. Happy wife? I don't believe that to be possible.

Believe me, I've seen some of the furniture (and price tags) that is going in to this warehouse - but only some. That's why I have absolutely no idea what the final cost will be. Ans The Mrs. will never tell me.

My biggest problem with all of this is the loss of the kitchen. You don't realize how often you use the sink until you can't. I've been taking dishes in to the office to wash. There's crap stacked everywhere and we keep shifting it around based on what the contractor thinks he's doing each week. I emptied our upstairs closet yesterday (because they need access for the exhaust vent) and I have to empty the laundry room/office tonight for the new floor.

I'm totally disoriented in my own home (of 20 years). It's an awful feeling.

Maybe I'll be back for the next challenge. I hope this is all done in 3 more weeks - then I'll have a kitchen again.

sparringK9 said...

I think it looks great! WHatever the hassle - its worth it. the light is terrific and it looks roomy enough to have a blog summit there! yip yip yip

Buzz Kill said...

I honestly don't know what its "worth" at this point. And I could just see me asking The Mrs. to use her new space to host a meeting of people I met on blogs. I'll have to wait for a week where she is out of town. Bwahahaha

Susan said...

it's gorgeous !!! (sung by a chorus of angels). Good job ! xo Susan + gang

Anonymous said...
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